Labour sides with France after they criticised Boris Johnson for publishing a letter on Twitter that was sent to President Macron.

In the continuing conflict over migrant Channel crossings, Labour has been chastised for “siding with the French.”

This weekend, the UK government was scheduled to attend a conference with a number of European leaders convened by French President Emmanuel Macron to develop suggestions for tackling the rising problem of migrants crossing the Channel from France to the United Kingdom.

However, France responded angrily to Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s open letter to Mr Macron on Thursday. By Boris spelling out the UK’s ideas publically, the French President uninvited the Home Secretary to the meeting that was going to be held on Sunday.

Mr Macron compared the letter’s posting on Twitter to “whistleblowing,” accusing the government of not being “serious.”

Shadow Home Secretary Nick Thomas-Symonds reiterated the French President’s remarks in an interview with the BBC on Friday, accusing the government of making a “grave error of judgement.”

Downing Street’s assertion that the “public understandably want to know what we are doing” and have a right to know where discussions stand was dismissed by Labour’s frontbencher, who said that the Prime Minister had failed in his position as a “statesman.”

“The publication of the letter has ended up within a matter of hours with our Government being excluded from these vital talks that need to take place to prevent people from risking their lives I the Channel,” he added.

On the other hand, Darren Grimes believes Labour’s stance stems from political tribalism rather than genuine differences of opinion.

“Of course Labour is siding with the French here,” the ReasonedUK and GB News analyst stated on Twitter.

“They will never, ever, side with Britain over the EU.”