TENSIONS – A member of the French National Assembly, Bruno Bonnell, is lambasted by GB News presenters – There was “no reason” to rescind the summit invitation.

The presenters of GB News lambasted a French MP for justifying his country’s decision to exclude Priti Patel from a vital meeting on migrant crossings across the English Channel. 

Rosie Wright and Paul Hawkins of GB News blasted the French for cancelling Home Secretary Priti Patel’s summit invitation. After Boris Johnson openly demanded that France send back refugees who enter the UK, France revoked the invitation. 

Ms Wright questioned Bruno Bonnell, a member of the French National Assembly, who said the judgement would result in more people dying.

Boris Johnson’s letter, Mr Hawkins argued, was “no reason” to rescind the summit invitation at such a critical moment. 

“How do you feel about this?” Ms Wright said. We just learned that the high-level negotiations between France and the United Kingdom that were planned to take place have been cancelled. 

“Because France is so unhappy with Boris Johnson’s letter and his suggestions.” 

“If that is the diplomatic playing field we have got, more people are going to die aren’t they?” 

“Diplomacy is about waiting at the table and discussing.” 

Boris Johnson’s suggestions include several excellent points. 

“But making this letter public before sitting with the French authority was probably not a very, very smart move.” 

“They usually sit down, negotiate together, and publish a common letter.” That explains the current tense situation. 

“Let’s be a little patient and I’m sure together we can resolve the emergency of the issue.” 

“But that’s no reason to cancel the meeting though, Bruno?” Mr Hawkins continued. 

“Maybe, they shouldn’t have published the letter but that’s no reason to call off the meeting when this situation is so urgent.” 

“There is a point in the negotiation when people take postures,” the French MP stated. 

“Underneath this public information, the negotiations are probably still ongoing. I’m very lucid that both sides want to solve this situation.” 

“Everybody in France, in the UK, and the EU are aware we are talking about human lives.” 

Mr Johnson has been accused of not being “serious” by making his demands public on social media, according to Mr Macron. 

Without the United Kingdom, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Germany, and the European Commission are expected to attend the negotiations on Sunday. 

After the deaths of 27 persons, the sinking of a boat on Wednesday became the worst loss of life by drowning in the English Channel on record. 

There were 17 males, seven women, one of whom was pregnant, and three children among the fatalities.