CHANNEL CRISIS KICKBACK – Caller states, We need to “work on the assumption that nobody’s going to help us” – France are not our friends or ally.

After news broke yesterday that migrants had died in the Channel heading for Britain, the first thing Priti Patel said was she would be speaking to her counterpart in France about the incident, which she and Boris still call our friend and ally.

In reaction to the news, a caller phoned in to Talk Radio and hit the nail on the head, saying France are not our friend or our ally.

The caller continued to say, we need to “work on the assumption that nobody’s going to help us” only then will “we come up with a solution” to solve this crisis.

We completely agree with the caller. Until we put our own borders to become less reliant on France, this will not stop.

If you think about it, why would the French have any incentive to stop migrants from entering the Channel heading for Britain when they themselves have a migrant crisis of their own.

It’s clear by now that the French will never entirely prevent migrants from leaving the French shore for Britain. That is why we need our own plan to push them back to France if they attempt to do so.