Esther McVey joins forces with other MPs to tackle and remove funding from those who want to remove Britains history, Stifle debate and attack political icons like Churchill.

Esther McVey has today urged a crackdown on giving public funding to those organisations who want to attack the history of Britain and its culture.

Ms McVey has written a letter to the Cabinet Office asking for an urgent review to show how much public money is given to fund politically motivated campaigners within these organisations.

Today the MP is joining other prominent Tory backbenchers to launch a brand new alliance called “Britain Uncancelled”. This alliance on MP’s have come together to tackle head-on the spread of cancel culture. This new grouping will be targeting the leftist attempts to remove statues, stifle debate and attack political icons like Sir Winston Churchill, whom they label a “racist”.

One of the members of the group and Chairman of the Common Sense group of Tory MPs has stated: “The Government needs to do more to stand up for Britain’s patriotic majority that sees its cry for decency being drowned out by the shrill, incessant noise of the frenzied mob.”

Ms McVey said: “There’s no point passing a flagship law to protect free speech if we’re then taxing people to pay these politically motivated campaigners to undo it.”

“We’ve got to listen and learn from each other, and from our history, not tear it down – and judge people and our country by the values it demonstrates today, not things that happened hundreds of years ago, that don’t define who we are any more.”