Priti Patel lashed out at Brussels yesterday evening, accusing them of contributing to the migrant crisis in the English Channel.

According to the Home Secretary, EU open borders are responsible for millions of illegal migrants moving freely around the EU.

There are so many individuals attempting to cross the English Channel that France is “overwhelmed,” she claimed.

Ms Patel acknowledged for the first time that the nation is in the midst of a “mass migration crisis” when speaking to reporters in Washington, DC.

“The real problem on illegal migration flows is the EU has no border protections whatsoever,” she said.

Over the course of the year, more than 24,000 individuals are estimated to have crossed the canal in tiny boats.

“The Schengen agreement allows migrants from the Sahel and Libya to access Italy or Greece, where they may then transit freely across the EU,” said Ms Patel.

For failing to come up with a solution, she criticised the European Commission.

Since member states are being informed that they must work via the Commission, she said, “there is not a single united position on how to tackle this across EU member states.”

Mrs Patel claimed that over 70% of migrants who arrive in northern France through Belgium make their way there first. According to her, “That is a fact because of open borders.”

France, according to Ms Patel, is “overwhelmed” by the influx of refugees.

According to the accord signed with the UK, the French police are “absolutely patrolling the beaches,” she assured.
“I would maintain the numbers are so significant that have they got enough resources?”

“We are constantly pressing France on this, and we’re asking them to be honest with us about where the gaps are, because they can’t be everywhere, and obviously, the numbers are high.”
When it comes to preventing border crossings, Ms Patel cautioned that “France can’t do it on their own.”

To put it another way, “Schengen is free movement, Schengen is open borders, they do not have border controls and border checks.”

She said, “I’m emphasising the point very deliberately.” “This isn’t just a UK France issue.”

Illegal immigration into Europe is a “whole of Europe problem” since the EU has an open borders policy, “and there is no single united position across EU member states,” she said.

According to Ms Patel, “no one is more angry and frustrated about this and myself alongside the British taxpayers.”

It’s regrettable because for the British population, “there’s no silver bullet. It can’t come in overnight,” she said.

Her response to French pushbacks in the English Channel was that “there’s no one solution to this” and that “it will not stop it.” She downplayed the issue.

“The weather is difficult for deterrence at sea,” she said.

Ms Patel told Labour that rejecting the planned rules would put them “on the side of the people smugglers” and that she is pressing through dramatic changes of the migration and asylum system in Parliament.

She added that her equivalent in France, Gerald Darmanin, is always in touch with the Home Secretary.
No nation can address this on its own, she said. “We have a very, very professional working relationship.”

“We have to work together. It’s not just the UK and France. It’s actually the UK, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, and actually most countries in the EU, people coming from other routes, the Balkan routes,” he says.

The British government has agreed to provide £54 million to France’s border patrols in an effort to stem the flow of illegal immigrants.

According to Ms Patel, the British government may assist France in various ways by using drones for aerial observation.

“On Monday night, when I spoke to the interior minister, he agreed to do more work with us on sensors, for example, on ANPR, on technology on drones. They are actually changing their laws now.”

“Their laws were such that they couldn’t allow the use of drones. They are changing their laws.” So that we can work along with them, they’re altering their laws in their own Parliament.

“Their laws were such that they couldn’t allow the use of drones. They are changing their laws.”

As a preventative measure, the French government has been in contact with other countries to see whether migrants may be processed there.

After the UK was reported to be in negotiations with Albania, Ms Patel declined to say whether a deal was probable, but she said everything is “on the table” to deal with the problem.

Olta Xhaçka, Albania’s foreign affairs minister, said reports that a deal had been struck were “fake news.”

When it comes to the immigration situation, the Downing Street statement stressed that all nations had “moral responsibility .”

“We believe that all nations have an obligation to deal with unlawful migration and safeguard the lives of their citizens,” a spokeswoman for the Prime Minister stated.

Priti Patel continued to say, “Because of the necessity of establishing effective return agreements to deter individuals from attempting dangerous crossings, we believe our foreign partners to join us in this and expand on our current cooperation.”