Remoaner John Bercow slams Theresa May for not stopping the UK’s exit from the EU “I cannot see any upside” to Brexit.

John Bercow restarted his anti-Brexit stance, blaming Theresa May for failing to stop the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. 

Mr Bercow stated in an extraordinary outburst that the former Prime Minister had a “chronic lack of imagination” when it came to Brexit. Mr Bercow told fellow Remainer Lord Andrew Adonis that Mrs May had made a mistake by failing to “reach across” the House of Commons after the 2017 general election. 

Mr Bercow remarked at an event hosted by the European Movement Group:

“I think Theresa May, a good person, was guilty of a chronic failure of imagination after the 2017 general election.”

“She behaved as though nothing had happened: ‘Good morning, bit disappointed not to win and having discussions with DUP with a further announcement in due course.”

“‘There is an agreement and the Government continues as before’.”

“Andrew it was surreal, it never appeared to occur to her that she called an election to boost her majority, had an election which she lost and had no majority and that might just be the time to reach across the House.”

“Instead, she just doubled down and said I’m going to go with my approach.”

“She went with her approach, she failed and then the Tory party lurched rightwards to frankly an even more disastrous position.”

“I cannot see any upside to the act of industrial self-harm that we have committed over the last five years.”