REFUND FOR FAILING TO STOP SMALL BOATS? Lord Ricketts states “we cannot get our money back” off the French.

The increase in migrant crossings is causing Britain to get angrier with the French. A total of 1,185 persons crossed the English Channel by boat on Thursday, setting a new record for the number of crossings in a single day. 

Even though the British government paid France £54 million to tighten immigration procedures, this continues to be the case. 

LBC broadcaster Andrew Castle questioned former French Ambassador Lord Ricketts whether Britain might now want a refund. 

According to Mr Castle, “It was £54m that Britain agreed to pay the French in July in return for 100 percent of crossings being stopped.”

“Do you think we can get our money back?” 

“No, we cannot get our money back because the money has already been spent on extra gendarmes in France,” Lord Ricketts said. 

He then went on to say, “We have got to ask the French why we have had this spike. Is it because of the calm weather in the Channel?”

“Having offered this money, we have a legitimate reason to say to the French, how much more can you do to make sure these things don’t happen again.” 

Lord Ricketts has previously said on LBC that the United Kingdom “can’t, on our own, control our borders.” 

He expressed himself as follows: “It is extremely difficult to control a long sea border, that has been true throughout history.”

“We can’t, on our own, control our borders. We need the cooperation of the French and the Belgians and the continent and I think they have every interest in cooperating with us.”

“There’s no point pretending we have taken back control and sovereignty, we still depend on their cooperation.” 

France is losing control of the situation, according to a Whitehall insider.