SHOCKING – Cases of children at high risk of sexual explotation has increased in Rotheram.

According to GB News, since 2017, 1,665 children in Rotherham have been in danger of sexual exploitation. Between 2016 and 2020, the number of people designated as being at greatest risk on Rotherham Council’s risk assessment forms rose. 

According to Rotherham Council’s risk assessment forms, 377 children may have been in danger this year, with 53 receiving the highest risk rating. According to the statistics, the number of youngsters classified as possibly being at the greatest risk grew between 2016 and 2020. 

It comes after opposition Conservatives on Rotherham Council claimed this week that there were “multiple examples of active grooming and CSE” in the town, despite the council and South Yorkshire Police denying this. 

Last week, Rotherham Council said that it takes all complaints of child abuse very seriously. 

It went on to assert that since 2014, Rotherham’s children’s services had been “transformed,” according to independent inspectors OFSTED. 

The council also said that although not every accusation will be verified, it encourages individuals to come forward with any concerns. 

GB News found since 2017, 1,665 children in Rotherham may have been at high risk of sexual exploitation. Reports suggest the number of children at highest risk of sexual exploitation is growing year on year:

39 – 2017

66 – 2018/2019

73 – 2020

53 – 2021 (up to 6th October)

It comes after a report from the opposition Conservatives found Rotherham had “many cases of active grooming and CSE.” 

South Yorkshire Police and Commissioner Alan Billings, who told GB News last week that there are 34 current child sexual exploitation cases in Rotherham and 29 people have been detained, refuted that storey. There has also been a considerable misunderstanding about the figures provided by Rotherham Council regarding child sexual exploitation. 

CSE victim “Elizabeth” was advised in a letter last year by Rotherham Council leader Chris Read that there were 636 occurrences of CSE in Rotherham between 2014 and November 2020. 

GB News said they asked the council for statistics using the same criteria as in her letter and received substantially higher figures. 

It was stated they were unsure, and they didn’t know why Rotherham Council sent two different sets of data in response to the same question, but they were trying to find out. The figures Elizabeth was given show that 636 children were supported by their staff between 2014 and November 2020, while the statistics GB News were given were the number of completed risk assessments. 

“CSE remains a problem in Rotherham as it does right across the country,” South Yorkshire Police said this week, adding that they are “working tirelessly to bring people to justice.”