DISORDER IN CHAIN OF COMMAND – UK Border Force ignore the Home Secretary’s plan to turn back migrant boats.

The border force is not carrying out the Home Secretary’s proposal to send back migrant boats, fearing that more refugees would perish.

The home office announced yesterday that an all-time high of 853 migrants crossed the Channel on Wednesday.

The total number for this year is 21,050, which is more than double the total for all of last year.

Three migrants died this week while attempting to cross the Channel in separate situations.

According to the Times, Priti Patel disclosed her plan to deport migrants at a Tory conference last month after seeking legal advice.

Border Force officials have turned down pleas to employ Ms Patel’s new method, citing concerns about the weather and the size of the boats being intercepted.

Officials believe the policy will not be implemented due to the conditions that must be completed and the agency’s lack of support.

The Border Force officer said: ‘There is fairly universal agreement that this is not likely to ever happen.

‘The captains of the cutters have control of the process, and in practice, if they’re not willing to use it, it will never happen.’

The official said the force will ‘not be easily pushed about’ by the Home Secretary, but it is the captain of each vessel’s decision.

A co-worker of Ms Patel and Conservative MP said: ‘People should be in no doubt about Priti’s determination to stop the boat crossings, whatever unionised officials say.’