Lord Frost gives a blistering criticism of the EU. Brussels have “destroyed cross-community consent” in Northern Ireland.

A blistering criticism on the European Union for endangering the peace process in Northern Ireland was launched by Brexit Minister Lord Frost. 

Since the United Kingdom left the European Union, he claims, Brussels has overlooked the historical sensitivity of the area by establishing “overly strict” border controls. 

Even though European bureaucrats have pledged to reduce red tape, Britain is pushing to have the European Court of Justice no longer have any role in supervising legal cases. 

For its actions in Northern Ireland, Lord Frost criticised the EU for acting “without regard to the huge political, economic and identity sensitivities” that exist there. 

He said that the “overly strict” execution of the Northern Ireland Protocol by Brussels had “destroyed cross-community consent” and that this had “begun to damage” the Good Friday Agreement.