Guy Verhofstadt responds fiercely to Lord Frost’s criticism of the EU, claiming that Brussels is fueling turmoil in Northern Ireland.

Guy Verhofstadt has come under fire for his most recent comments on Brexit, with the British claiming that the EU is “far too big for its boots.” 

Lord Frost has claimed that the EU has been “overly strict” in its handling of post-Brexit arrangements in Northern Ireland, which the Belgian MEP has challenged on Twitter. 

Mr Verhofstadt responded on Twitter to Lord Frost’s claim that the EU’s implementation of the Northern Ireland Protocol had “destroyed cross-community consent.” 

“No Frost, it’s not the protocol but BREXIT that destroyed cross-community consent,” Mr Verhostadt said. 

“Not 1 moment did Brexiteers consider NI implications & risks to Good Friday Agreement, while everyone incl. EU warned them!” 

In a document released on Sunday by the Policy Exchange think-tank, Lord Frost accused the EU of acting “without regard to the huge political, economic and identity sensitivities involved” in Northern Ireland’s devolved administration. 

It has began to harm “has begun to damage the thing it was designed to protect – the Belfast Good Friday Agreement,” according to Frost, as the Protocol has been put into effect. 

“The insistence of the EU on treating these arrangements as like any other part of its customs and single market rules, without regard to the huge political, economic, and identity sensitivities involved, has destroyed cross-community consent well before the four-year mark,” the Brexit minister continued. 

“We also have the lived experience of aspects that are simply unsustainable in the long-term for any Government responsible for the lives of its citizens – like having to negotiate with a third party about the distribution of medicines within the NHS.”

“That is why we must return to the Protocol and deliver a more robust, and more balanced, outcome than we could in 2019.”

“I hope the EU will, in the end, join us in that.”