10 arrested made after Enviromental crazies, Insulate Britain caused havoc on the M25 this morning.

Insulate Britain caused yet another traffic jam today when 14 activists stopped the M25 by marching into oncoming traffic at rush hour on the UK’s busiest highway, resulting in 10 arrests.


From 8 a.m. this morning, the environmental crazies were between junctions 28 and 29 in Brentwood in Essex, where they carried out their 16th day of road protests in less than seven weeks. It’s the awakened warriors’ newest approach since they seem to have progressed beyond sitting and glueing their faces to the roadways.

The campaign group bragged that they created “significant congestion on the M25 in numerous spots” by walking on the highway and that they were “demanding that the Government get on with the work of insulating Britain’s houses.”

The ‘very hazardous’ action was denounced by Essex Police, who claimed officers responded quickly’ to remove people off the road, and both carriageways were reopened within 30 minutes, with 10 activists detained. Insulate Britain said that 14 protestors took part in the action, but it is unclear what happened to the other four.

Reverend Sue Parfitt, a retired Anglican vicar from Bristol, was among those arrested this morning for the ninth time in less than seven weeks. It was the 79-year old’s third arrest in as many days, after being stopped near Dartford in Kent on Wednesday and on Bishopsgate in London on Monday.

Since mid-September, Insulate Britain has caused havoc on London’s highways and A roads, with 146 individuals taking part in the campaign and 749 arrests so far – but no one has been prosecuted.

A landmark High Court judgement on Monday told the campaigners that they were virtually barred from all main highways in England, and a hearing yesterday heard that over the course of three days, their demonstrations cost about £900,000.