“SYMBOL OF STATE POWER” Former Brexit Party MEP Claire Fox slams Parliament for sneaking through a further 6 months extension of the Coronavirus Act with little more than a nod.

After the government only days ago snuck through the Coronavirus Act for another six months of emergency powers without a vote, former Brexit Party MEP had something to say during a House of Lords committee meeting.

Claire Fox, who is a member of the House of Lords, questioned why the government needed another six months extension of emergency rules when the coronavirus emergency, which we saw at the beginning of the pandemic, had clearly passed.

Claire said the passing of the Coronavirus Act through parliament with little more than a nod was a “symbol of state power, a threat” to our freedoms as covid passports are once again being considered.

Claire started the powers granted under the coronavirus act to “create a two-tier society” without any needed debate was wrong. The former MEP said, “we need more debate in Parliament”, not “demonisation and censorship” when scrutinising anything to do with the covid handling and societal change pushed through under these emergency rules.

Below is the full speech from Claire Fox.