BIZARRE – Insulate Britain demonstrator claims climate change would increase “murders and stabbings,”

Climate change would increase “murders and stabbings,” an Insulate Britain demonstrator warned today.

The lady made the unusual accusations today along the M25 in Dartford, Kent. According to the demonstrator, Insulate Britain is really aiding the police.

M25 was labelled a nonviolent civil resistance location, according to Kent Live. After a long stalemate, the demonstrator said: “The climate crisis will cause crop failure. That will mean we have stabbings and murders, and the police will be highly occupied.”

“At the moment, I’m doing the police a favour by waving the flag and saying ‘a climate crisis is on the way’, and I’m acting while we have got food in our bellies.”

In Dartford, an enraged motorist was spotted yelling at campaigners and cops as traffic slowed.

Today, insulate Britain also wreaked havoc on the A40 in Acton, west London, causing delays for commuters.

Kent Police announced today that 32 individuals were detained during two separate demonstrations in Dartford.

Insulate Britain said: “Insulate Britain has blocked part of the A40 in West London and a roundabout in Dartford.

“We are demanding that the government gets on with the job of insulating Britain’s homes, starting with the homes of the poorest people in the country.”

The group has urged the government to insulate all houses to prevent climate change and save lives.

Last month, Liam Norton stormed off the set of Good Morning Britain when Richard Madeley grilled him.

In a heated exchange, he was accused of having a “patronising” attitude.