Lord Frost threatens to suspend parts of the Brexit agreement unless significant concessions are made by the EU.

Lord Frost has told Eurocrats that unless they make significant concessions, he will suspend part of the Brexit agreement within weeks.

Attempts by the EU to resolve the “sausage wars,” which are endangering Northern Ireland’s peace process, have included easing trade restrictions on items entering the province coming from the UK. Though the plans fall short, Brexit Minister Lord Frost claims that European judges cannot “ultimately monitor” UK-EU ties.

Article 16 legally enables any party to suspend any elements that cause economic or social issues.

He told the Commons European oversight committee, “We all see this as an issue for this autumn, to be settled one way or the other,” the peer added, preferring to achieve an agreement with Brussels.

Lord Frost said that the United Kingdom was not interested in any kind of agreement involving European courts.

“It’s highly unusual in an international treaty to have disputes settled in the court of one of the parties,” he added. “That is the fundamental thing we need to remove from the arrangements going forward.”

It was agreed that the province of Northern Ireland would stay part of the EU single market to maintain the free movement of people across the Irish border.

It did, however, lead to inspections on mainland items and restrictions on the free sale of cold meats like British-made bangers.

When it came to dealing with Northern Ireland, Lord Frost said the EU’s plans “for the first time, acknowledge they might be willing to change their own laws.”

Lord Frost added, “The problem with them is that they don’t go far enough.”

“What we’re trying to test is whether they could find the basis to go further than what they have put on the table.”