EU LEADERS BUST UP – Unity smashed amongst EU leaders after angry scenes were reported. 

The ongoing dispute between Poland and the Commission over the Rule of Law resulted in a contentious conference among EU leaders. 


During a tense Brussels conference, European Union leaders were said to be having late-night disputes. On Saturday, the crucial conference failed to heal the increasing schism among member states over Poland and the rule of law. 

According to RT’s Charlotte Dubenskij, the battle of words grew so intense during the tense meetings that Slovakia’s Prime Minister was obliged to intercede to calm things down. 

Charlotte Dubenskij, an RT journalist, reported: “EU leaders debating late into the night over those difficult topics so much so that the usual press conference after the first day of the council was cancelled.

“One official saying that row about Poland, and this rule of law and whether a country’s law takes precedence or not over EU law was so tense that the Slovak Prime Minister actually had to intervene at one point, to calm the situation down.

“But we won’t know exactly who said what, because the usual details or record taking has been forgone at this time for all generic note, making make of that what you want.

“Now the sparring, though, had already begun before the leaders even sat down at the table.

“The Polish Prime Minister, on his arrival at that summit making clear that his country’s position was firm, and it will not be backing down.

She said, “Now we understand that there won’t be any official mention of that debate over Poland from the European Council, but unofficially, we know that the council president Charles Michelle says that he believes the primacy of EU law is fundamental.

“So this is an issue that will continue to tear away at EU member states.”