Commons Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle urges Rishi Sunak to “RESIGN” after the budget details leaked to the press before Parliament.

After a series of pre-Budget briefings to the media, Commons Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle urged Rishi Sunak to resign as Chancellor. 


He accused ministers of attempting to “run roughshod over this House” by disclosing financial proposals to the press before properly introducing them in Parliament. 

He allowed backbenchers in the Commons to ask a series of urgent questions to punish the government for its conduct. 

“At one time ministers did the right thing if they briefed before a Budget – they walked,” Sir Lindsay said in a message to MPs. 

As the clearly angered Speaker rebuked the Treasury, several MPs screamed “resign.” 

He said, in response to the jeers, “Yes absolutely, resign.”

“It seems to me we’ve got ourselves in a position that if you’ve not got it out five days before it’s not worth putting out.”

“I’ve got to say, members are elected to this House to represent their constituents, those constituents quite rightly expect the MP to hear it first in order to be able to listen to what the Budget is about, but also for the days following that to be able to hold them to account.” 

“It’s not acceptable and the Government shouldn’t try to run roughshod over this House, it will not happen.”