Rishi Sunak to reveal a new £703million programme to tackle illegal migration into Britain.

A £703 million programme to combat the influx of illegal migrants outlined in the Budget on Wednesday will include a new fleet of state-of-the-art patrol boats.

According to the Sunday Express, Chancellor Rishi Sunak will unveil funding for new “cutters” boats and new digital technologies to curb the tide of illegal migrants and promote Britain’s struggling tourism economy.

“Protecting our borders and making it easier for us all to travel to and from our great nation is at the heart of our ambitions as a government,” Mr Sunak told the Sunday Express.

“We’re investing billions of pounds to safeguard our shores, crackdown on crime and create a world-leading border.”

On Wednesday, Mr Sunak will announce £74 million in the Budget and Spending Review to update the current fleet of 20-year-old Border Force patrol boats that monitor British borders.

It comes after a summer in which thousands of illegal migrants arrived in tiny boats off the coast of Kent from France.

This year, the number of people crossing illegally is projected to be far higher than the figure in 2020, when 8,500 people are estimated to have done so.

Border Force’s capacity to combat severe and organised crime, the smuggling of illicit commodities and illegal migration will be enhanced by the new fleet of 11 cutting-edge, more fuel-efficient boats with updated engines that produce less carbon.

More than £628 million will be spent on the UK’s Future Borders and Immigration System initiative to modernise and digitalise the border as part of the package.

This is intended to reduce wait times, streamline the border entrance and visa procedures, and increase security.

Following the EU exit, the Spending Review will allocate £1.05 billion to implement new UK sovereign tasks over the next three years.

More than 1,000 Border Force personnel will be assigned to deliver customs and transit inspections for products, as well as to maintain our standing as an independent trading country.

New Electronic Travel Authorisations, which will be available in 2023, will enable individuals to visit the UK for purposes such as tourism without having a visa, making the UK more appealing as a tourist destination and the greatest location in the world to start, expand, and invest in a company.

They will also reduce border wait times and allow the UK Border Force to concentrate its resources on areas such as customs enforcement and crime prevention.

We will be able to count who is coming in and out of the nation thanks to the digital by default system, and a US-style Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) will be implemented to make the border more secure.

By the end of 2025, ETAs will be completely operational, allowing the government to determine whether or not persons should be permitted to come to the UK.