FREXIT? – French trust in Brussels drops to 36%.

After the latest EU poll revealed that just 36% of French respondents trust Brussels, calls for a Frexit vote are growing in France.

In Greece, France, Slovakia, and Cyprus, according to the latest Standard Eurobarometer, mistrust in the EU is now the majority. Yet, according to an EU backed study released last month, the majority of respondents in 21 EU countries trust Brussels.

However, just 36% of respondents in France said they trusted EU institutions, with 50% saying they don’t trust Brussels and 14% indicating they don’t know.

As presidential hopefuls campaign throughout the nation of France for the 2022 elections, the stark statistics prompted demands for a vote on Brexit as soon as next year.

Charles-Henri Gallois, the head of Generation Frexit, blasted: “Latest Eurobarometer: only 36 percent of French trust the EU, it is 13 points lower than the EU average.”

“The highest level of scepticism.”

“Will the candidates for the 2022 presidential election propose a referendum on our membership of the EU?”

On October 7-13, 16,000 individuals were questioned for the survey.

None of the French presidential contenders have said clearly that they would hold a referendum on the country’s membership in the European Union.

However, Marine Le Pen and Michel Barnier, the former EU Brexit negotiator, promised to hold a referendum on the country’s independence from the EU on immigration policy.