Viktor Orban slammed the EU’s “utopian fantasy” policies on combating climate change.

As he arrived in Brussels for a crucial Council meeting, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban unleashed a blistering assault on the EU’s “utopian fantasy” policies. 


Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban blasted European Union efforts to combat climate change as a “utopian fantasy” on Thursday, claiming that green policies were driving up energy prices in Europe. 

“Raising the prices, having a new regulation, rocketing the prices to the sky, destroying the middle class,” Mr Orban said on his way to a meeting of EU leaders, alluding to planned EU climate measures. 

“Common sense on one side and fantasy on the other one. And utopian fantasy kills us – that’s the problem with energy prices as well.” 

Soaring gas prices, according to analysts and the European Commission, are the primary cause of high energy costs in Europe, with the EU carbon market accounting for up to a fifth of the increase. 

Brussels has suggested a package of new climate measures that must be negotiated and approved by EU member states before they take effect. 

On Thursday, Mr. Orban sided with Poland in rejecting the supremacy of European law above national law as he arrived for a European Union meeting that is expected to be dominated by a debate over the rule of law. 

“The fact is very clear: The primacy of EU law is not in the (EU) treaty at all,” the Hungarian prime minister told reporters in Brussels, adding that putting penalties on Poland was absurd. 

“What’s going on here is … those European institutions circumvent the rights of the national parliament and government, and modify the treaty without having any legitimate authority to do so,” he said.