TAXPAYERS MONEY WASTED – BBC ridiculed after new logo costing tens of thousands looks identical to the old logo.

After introducing a new logo that looked “identical” to the old one, the BBC was roundly ridiculed. 

The BBC has published pictures of its new logo, which features the “Reith” font, which was named after the corporation’s first director-general, Lord John Reith. 

In comparison to its predecessor, the letters “BBC” are now narrower and arranged in blocks with somewhat larger spaces between them. 

Rebranding, according to insiders, cost tens thousands of pounds. 

Numerous people remarked on how close it looked to the old logo, many of whom said it was difficult to tell them apart. 

Richard Madeley and Susannah Reid, hosts of Good Morning Britain, couldn’t stop themselves from cracking jokes about the rebranding today. 

“Can you imagine the designer going in and saying, ‘I think you’ll like this,'” Mr Madeley added. 

“Surely someone at the BBC who signed off on this and signed off on the publicity – because that’s why we’ve got it – would have said ‘they’re going to laugh at us’.” 

“It’s like something from W1A (a satirical comedy series about BBC news),” Susannah Reid remarked. 

“Is it April 1?” joked guest Kevin Maguire. 

New logos and visuals for TV channels and radio stations, as well as BBC iPlayer and Sounds, were also revealed by the BBC. 

There will be new identities for BBC One, Two, and Four programmes starting today. The new identities will also appear on BBC Scotland and BBC Alba. 

Its online services will also have new interfaces and navigation, according to the company. 

The initials BBC have been removed from the new static icons for iPlayer, Sounds, Sport, News, Weather, and Bitesize. 

Chief Customer Officer Kerris Bright, who unveiled the proposals, said it had been “a long time” since the BBC had “updated the look and feel of the BBC.” 

“Our research tells us that audiences think some of our services look old fashioned and out of date“ she said. 

“They want a modern BBC that is easier to use and navigate to find the content they love and enjoy.” 

“Some figures that have been put to us are just wildly wrong.” a BBC spokesman said.