UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss flies to India to try and seal a trade deal worth £46Billion.

This week, UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss will go to India to discuss a potential £46 billion trade agreement between the UK and the rest of the world. 

General Nick Carter, the departing Chief of Defence Staff, will accompany Ms Truss on the tour, which aims to enhance bilateral ties between the UK and India. 

Discussions with Indian officials are expected to centre on Indo-Pacific strategy, Afghanistan’s continuing turmoil, and expanding trade between London and New Delhi. 

Following her stint as International Trade Secretary, Ms Truss has been elevated to one of the nation’s highest offices, and she plans to use her new position to fight for an interim trade deal with India. 

In May, the UK and India started preliminary talks on a broader free trade agreement, and it is expected that official negotiations would begin as early as next month. 

The United Kingdom seeks to remove trade obstacles with India by eliminating high tariffs on goods such as whiskey and automobiles. 

According to the Department for International Trade, trade between London and New Delhi was valued approximately £23 billion in 2019 and both sides want this to treble by 2030. 

Liz said, “We’re firing the starting gun on a free trade deal with India,” which she described as “the world’s largest democracy, fifth biggest economy, a nation of 1.4 billion people.” 

“We want an agreement that pushes new frontiers in industries of the future and helps us build a greener, more innovative and more services-led economy that will deliver higher-paying jobs across the country.”