POLEXIT – Guy Verhofstadt LOSES IT at the Polish PM after rattling the EU Parliament saying “Member states remain autonomous and masters of the Treaties”

Poland’s Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki was blasted by Guy Verhofstadt, who likened his country’s dispute with the EU to a “hard Brexit.” 


Polish President Andrzej Duda defended his country’s Constitutional Tribunal’s decision that parts of EU law are incompatible with the Polish constitution in an address to the European Parliament. “In Europe, we have 27 member states, and member states remain autonomous and masters of the Treaties,” the Polish leader added. 

When Guy Verhofstadt was asked about his remark, the Belgian MEP responded by pointing out that the ruling by the Polish Supreme Court touched on issues for which hard-line Brexit supporters had fought during the Brexit campaign. 

“You didn’t talk about the ruling of the Constitutional Court, because the ruling of the court is very clear,” he sneered. 

“Article 1 and Article 19 of the Treaty are null and avoid in Poland.”

“They are in contradiction with the Polish constitution. That’s the decision of the Constitutional court in Poland.”

“And it is a Treaty, with Article 1 and Article 19 that you accepted in 2004.”

“That the Polish government has accepted at the moment of the Lisbon Treaty.”

Mr Verhofstadt then condescendingly looked at the Polish Prime Minister and asked, “these Article 1 and Article 19, do you know what they are?”

“Article 1 is an ever closer union, and Article 19 is the central role of the European Court of Justice.”

“By the way, it is exactly for the same reasons that the hard Brexiteers went out of the European Union – for these two articles.”

“The sinister game that you are playing is very clear,” he added. 

“The sinister game is that you are putting a politicised constitutional court inside Poland,” 

“And that politicised constitutional court is criticised by whom? By the European Court of Justice.”

The ranting Eurocrat continued to say, “So the way to eliminate the decisions of the European Court of Justice is to take with the politicised constitutional court of Poland the decision that the ECJ has no longer a right of decision in Poland.”

“That is what you have done!” 

Mr Verhofstadt’s rage came after Polands Prime Minister addressed the EU Parliament. Poland’s President lashed out at the Chief of European Commission Ursula von der Leyen for her “threats,” “blackmail,” and “blackmailing” of his nation in the wake of Poland’s Constitutional Tribunal’s decision on the supremacy of EU law. 

Poland Prime Minister didn’t hold back, saying, “We have 27 member states in Europe,” he said. “Member states remain autonomous and masters of the Treaties.”