ENRAGED MEPs accuse Boris Johnson of ‘blackmail’ – Eurocrats demand the EU Commission to take revenge.

To punish Boris Johnson for the British Government’s effort to renegotiate the Brexit agreement, EU MEPs have banded together and called on the European Commission to be tough on Britain. 

EU lawmakers in the Renew Group sent a letter to Ursula von der Leyen, the EU Commission’s top Brexit negotiator, requesting that she formally prepare for retaliation against the United Kingdom. 

According to the group of MEPs, Boris Johnson wants to de-facto rewrite the terms of the Withdrawal Agreement by choosing for a hard Brexit on issues such as fishing rights in the North Atlantic and Gibraltar. 

According to Pascal Canfin, Chair of the European Parliament’s Environment Committee, “With the deputies of the delegation Renew EU I am co-signing this forum to support a strong European stance in the face of Boris Johnson’s constant blackmail who wants to rewrite the Brexit deal to conceal his own errors.” 

As post-Brexit talks continue, Brussels has indicated it is reluctant to consider eliminating supervision by European courts from the Northern Ireland Protocol. This warning was reported in the French newspaper Les Echos. 

According to the EU, “quite intensive talks” have already started, although the European Court of Justice’s involvement may be excluded (ECJ). 

Excluding the European Court of Justice from the Brexit deal has emerged as a major demand from the government. It tries to reduce economic barriers between Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom. 

Brexit minister Lord Frost, who is attending talks in Brussels, demanded that the EU cut red tape on Irish Sea commerce, but the EU’s proposals fell short of that.