Anger boils over as Motorists and Lorry drivers lose it with Insulate Britain Protestors, “punches thrown.”

As commuters are enraged by the green mob, they’ve dragged Insulate Britain demonstrators off the road. 

Protesters with the Insulate Britain movement have shut down traffic near the Dartford Crossing industrial park. Some drivers have gotten so angry that they’ve physically removed environmentalists from the road and torn down their signs. 

It can be overheard that one of the drivers is saying: “This is stupidity. Get out of the way.” 

Another motorist enquired of the demonstrators: “Can you move? This is not helping.” 

“You know it’s not helping. You’ve made your point. You’re going to gridlock the whole area.” 

While a single individual yelled: “Why aren’t you at work? Why are you stopping people from working?” 

Protesters with the group Insulate Britain lit court injunction documents on fire the day before yesterday in front of the Royal Courts of Justice in London. 

On the sidewalk outside the courthouse, some 18 protesters wearing orange hi-vis vests set fire to pages of injunctions that had been served one by one on them. 

At the same time a High Court hearing is taking place, the M25, the Port of Dover, and important A roads in and around London were all injuncted by National Highways in late September and early October. 

“It’s a sign of our determination to carry on protesting, to carry on raising this issue until we see some action that we can believe in,” said 59-year-old London demonstrator Nick Onley. 

He added: “We’re just making it clear that we intend to continue our protest until we have some clear, meaningful statement that we can trust from the Government that they are actually intending to go ahead with insulating and decarbonising the country.” 

Meanwhile, a High Court injunction was obtained to prohibit the Insulate Britain demonstrators from impeding London’s public transportation system. 

In a statement, TfL said the civil injunction covers 14 places in and around London, including some of the city’s busiest routes, and it follows a number of other orders against the organisation. 

On Friday, protestors shut down a motorway junction for the 12th time in four weeks, igniting confrontations with passing vehicles. 

Around 40 Insulate Britain demonstrators blocked the M25/A501 interchange at Old Street roundabout during rush hour on the last working day of the week, causing traffic backups. 

According to Transport for London (TfL), a new injunction was granted later in the afternoon on Friday. 

TfL’s representative stated: “The safety of people travelling on the capital’s roads is our number one priority.”

“We have been granted an injunction this afternoon by the High Court which bans protesters from engaging in activities that obstruct traffic at 14 locations.”

“This will help to protect London’s road network and everybody using it.”

“We will continue to work closely with the police and other highway authorities in London to manage the impact on the road network, and would encourage people to check their journeys before they travel,” said the agency.