Lord Frost’s entire Lisbon speech crushed Remainers, and enraged the EU.

Lord Frost’s great description of Brexit, in which he claimed that the UK’s departure from the EU is about “democracy,” has utterly devastated Remainers.

During the historic referendum in June 2016, the United Kingdom narrowly chose to exit the European Union by a vote of 52 percent to 48 percent. Millions of Remainer supporters were outraged by the outcome and still hold out hope that they may somehow reverse the vote and see the United Kingdom one day return to the European Union (EU).

They’ve even attempted to blame Brexit for the recent lack of HGV drivers and the petrol crisis that’s engulfing the nation.


However, the UK’s Brexit minister shattered Remainer notions at a speech in Lisbon on Tuesday. His latest description of the UK’s exit from the EU sent remainers wild.

“Democracy” is, according to Lord Frost, the fundamental ingredient of Brexit. Because of this, he said, “Brexit being described as populist policy.”

If the term “populism means doing what people want, challenging a technocratic consensus, then I’m all for it.”

“To suggest there is something wrong in people deciding things for themselves is somewhat disreputable, maybe even disrespectful, to the British people in our democracy.”

“I personally will argue as strongly as I can see that free-market capitalism, low taxes, free speech and the maximum possible amount of economic and political freedom for individuals are the best choices we could make as a country.”

“But now we have to win those arguments and persuade people, not just write them into a treaty or into a convention and expect people to put up with them.”

According to Lord Frost, during his keynote speech in Lisbon, Britain is ready to invoke Article 16 of the Northern Ireland Protocol to protect the country’s peace process.

He stated that if substantial modifications are not made to the deal, the UK is ready to use the mechanism that allows either party to override large portions of it.

The UK government said, “It is this Government, the UK Government, that governs Northern Ireland as it does the rest of the UK, according to Brexit Minister Lord Frost.”

“Northern Ireland is not EU territory. It is our responsibility to safeguard peace and prosperity, and that may include using Article 16 if necessary.”

It is our fundamental responsibility to defend peace and prosperity in Northern Ireland, and that is why we cannot rest until this problem is addressed. “We would not go down this way gratuitously or with any particular pleasure.”

Lord Frost has a variety of suggestions, including a system of international arbitration to replace the European Court of Justice’s function in regulating the Protocol.

He was adamant that the Protocol needed to be significantly altered due to the way it was currently working, having “shredded” the balance in Northern Ireland between the unionist and nationalist sectors.

“We now face a very serious situation,” Brexit minister Lord Frost said. “The Protocol is not working. It has completely lost consent in one community in Northern Ireland.”

“It is not doing the thing it was set up to do – protect the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement. In fact, it is doing the opposite. It has to change.

“The fundamental difficulty is that we are being asked to run a full-scale external boundary of the EU through the centre of our country, to apply EU law without consent in part of it, and to have any dispute on these arrangements settled in the court of one of the parties.

“The way this is happening is disrupting ordinary lives, damaging large and small businesses, and causing serious turbulence to the institutions of the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement within Northern Ireland.”