Joe Biden may step into the Brexit negotiations on NI Protocol, we’re “watching closely.”

According to top US politicians and diplomats, the suspension of the Northern Ireland Protocol by the UK government could jeopardise regional peace.

Northern Ireland Secretary Brandon Lewis received the message as he flew to Washington for crucial talks with key officials, Republicans and Democrats.

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The Protocol aims to keep the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic open while also safeguarding the region’s membership in the single market.


However, the requirement for border checks on goods entering Northern Ireland from the rest of the UK has heightened tensions inside the region as well as between London and Brussels.

According to members of the US Congress Ad Hoc Committee to Protect the Good Friday Agreement, including senators and former ambassadors, the meeting with Mr Lewis on Monday was “cordial and candid.”

According to a committee co-chair and former US congressman Bruce Morrison, members made it clear that outstanding issues with the Protocol should be negotiated between the United Kingdom and European Union (EU).

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As a result, a number of top American politicians travelled to Ireland to reaffirm their commitment to the Good Friday Agreement of 1998, which was signed there.

The American Irish State Legislators Caucus was formed by US lawmakers working with Irish counterparts in order to strengthen economic and political ties between Washington and Dublin.

The new group’s goals are centred on promoting the relevance of the deal, which US leaders claim is underpinned by the Protocol.

Officials from the White House stated that they were “closely watching” events in Northern Ireland this week. The Biden administration also expressed its “serious concern” about the UK’s pledge to rip up the agreement.

The UK government has threatened to invoke Article 16 of the Protocol, which is viewed as the “nuclear option.”

On Tuesday, Cabinet Office Minister Stephen Barclay said that the UK required a Northern Ireland protocol that was “sustainable in the long-term.”

He told Sky News that the Protocol needed to be changed so that it could be accepted by “both communities there.”

The official spokesperson for Prime Minister Boris Johnson also warned that the accord needed new governance systems.

“Without new arrangements on governance, the protocol will never have the support it needs to survive,” the official stated.

Lord Frost’s calls for modifications to the Northern Ireland Protocol addressing the role of the European Court of Justice were also repeated by Downing Street (ECJ).

“It’s simply not sustainable for the EU to make laws that apply in Northern Ireland without democratic scrutiny,” the spokesperson continued.

They emphasised that removing the European Court of Justice’s control of Northern Ireland’s commercial arrangements was “core to what we think needs to be addressed.”

1 thought on “Joe Biden may step into the Brexit negotiations on NI Protocol, we’re “watching closely.”

  1. Lord Frost and Boris Johnson as the PM of the United Kingdom have every right to tell the Yanks to clear off and do not interfere in issues that do not involve them. There are more than enough issues that Biden and his con merchants should be taking an interest in and dealing with on their own turf, not interfering in the UK. What is more, I doubt that Biden even knows what the GFA says and means, he has probably never even seen it.
    If he and his henchmen continue to meddle in other countries affairs that are absolutely of no concern of theirs, then they will end up with an almighty bloodied nose and a couple of black eyes. I recall when the GFA was being negotiated, the Yanks continued to poke their snouts in, or trying to. It took the bravery of our great Mo Mowlem to tell Clinton and his entourage to FO and stop interfering in issues they know nothing about and would not understand. Only the great Mo Mowlem could get away with saying that. Even Bliar was frightened to cross her.
    Sick and tired of the Yanks poking their snouts in where they are not required. Biden and his entourage must be told to FO and do not come back. Let them play the “Big I AM” with the cesspit.

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