DUP leader lends his support to Lord Frost who will today push for the ECJ to be removed from the Brexit agreement.

There has been an eruption of BREXIT rage following the DUP’s attack on the “democratic deficit” of Article 16’s treatment of Northern Ireland.

Sir Jeffrey Donaldson, the DUP’s leader, backed Lord Frost’s proposal for the European Court of Justice to be dropped from the Brexit agreement.

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The EU court cannot regulate the UK, he stated in an interview on Tuesday morning. Finally, Sir Jeffrey demanded that the Northern Ireland protocol be drastically altered.


He said to the BBC: “We want to see it changed and it is not unknown that people will change such arrangements. After all, it means at the moment that part of the United Kingdom is subject to the jurisdiction of a court over which the United Kingdom has no control whatsoever.”

Lord Frost, the Brexit minister, will use a speech in Lisbon today to argue for significant changes to the Northern Ireland protocol.

The function of the European Court of Justice in the Northern Ireland Protocol will Ned to be removed, according to Lord Frost.

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The role of the ECJ, according to the minister, has produced a significant imbalance in the Protocol’s operation.

Lord Frost will warn Brussels that if it does not fully address the UK’s concerns, it will make a “historic misjudgment.” This is due to the enormous obstacles that have hampered commerce in Northern Ireland.

Lord Frost will claim that if the UK’s concerns are satisfied, the two sides can move forward on a new balance.

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