ANGER ERUPTS – Matt Hancock returns to the political limelight with a high-profile post.

A high-profile post has been given to Matt Hancock a few months after his resignation was forced due to photos showing him passionately kissing an aide. 

The selection of West Suffolk MP as a special envoy to the United Nations has sparked a significant reaction on social media, with many people outraged.

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Mr Hancock tweeted: “Honoured to be appointed United Nations Special Representative.” 


“I’ll be working with the UN and UN Economic Commission for Africa to help African economic recovery from the pandemic and promote sustainable development.”

The Sun published images and a video of Mr Hancock and Gina Coladangelo, both of whom were married with three children at the time, in a passionate embrace in June, and he was forced to resign. 

On May 6, the photos were allegedly shot within the Department of Health and Social Care.. 

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There were a number of Conservative and Labour MPs who demanded that Mr Hancock be removed from his position after the photos were released, citing his inability to comply with then-current social distancing guidelines. The COVID-19 Bereaved Families for Justice organisation also asked for his removal. 

In addition, Ms Coladangelo left her position as DHSC non-executive director. 

Later, Mr. Hancock divorced Martha, his 15-year wife, and began an affair with Ms. Coladangelo. 

Tom Tugendhat, the head of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee and a fellow Conservative MP, responded to his appointment by calling it “fascinating and important appointment.” 

He went on to say that “Boosting the economies of Africa is one of the most essential tasks of this generation.” 

For Africa, the post will help advance the continent’s cause by harnessing financial innovations and collaborating with key players such as the G20, United Kingdom government, and UN Climate Conference. 

However, the announcement was met with scepticism by many users on Twitter below Matt Hancock’s Tweet.

Under Hancock, It was found that the UK’s preparations for a pandemic were overly focused on flu, while ministers delayed the implementation of lockdown measures until early in 2020, according to the report from the Science and Technology Committee and the Health and Social Care Committee of both houses of Parliament. 

A report by MPs found that UK preparation was “narrowly and inflexibly based on a flu model” and failed to learn from the lessons of Sars, Mers, and Ebola in the process of preparing for a possible flu epidemic. 

Professor Dame Sally Davies, the former chief medical officer, told MPs that there was “groupthink,” with infectious disease experts not believing that “Sars, or another Sars, would travel from Asia to us.

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  1. I’m sick of seeing farge’s face in the media. What has he actually done except make a lot of money out of brexit , this remember is a man who has never been elected as an MP and immediately on Brexit went to the US in the vain hope that Donald Trump would find him a cushy well paid job.We hear lots of complaints from him but never any suggestions of how we can stop the illegals , for example, within international law.

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