Arlene Foster urges Lord Frost stand strong against the EU regarding changes to the NI Protocol, “We need to get it sorted out.”

Lord Frost’s address this week, in which he will urge “significant change” to the Northern Ireland Protocol, comes at a critical juncture for Brussels, according to Nigel Farage. Lord Frost is likely to suggest in a speech in Lisbon on Tuesday that the EU must go beyond easing its ban on British sausages to overcome the deadlock. 

This is happening at the same time as anti-EU sentiment is surging in Italy, Poland, and France. Lord Frost is also anticipated to advocate for a dramatic alteration in the European Court of Justice’s position in the Brexit agreement. 

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This week, the supremacy of EU law has been at the centre of debate, with a Polish court challenging the supremacy of EU law on Friday, sparking worries of ‘Polexit.’ 

Adding to Brussels’ woes, rising French presidential candidate Eric Zemmour urged France to follow Poland’s lead and fight back against EU rule. 

Mr Zemmour, who is currently ranked second in some surveys, welcomed the Polish court’s decision, suggesting that France should follow suit. 

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“In France, we must draw all the conclusions from this attempted federalist coup d’état,” he stated. 

“France must stop foreign institutions imposing their policies and their ideology.” 

“It is time to give French law back its primacy over European law.” 

“The EU is using Northern Ireland as a scapegoat,” said GB News anchor and Tory MP Dehenna Davison. 

“They don’t want the situation in Poland to be exacerbated to the point where Poland leaves.” 

“They have seen a growing movement in Italy to leave. And now we are hearing it from the French!” 

“We are seeing the growth of eurosceptic sentiment right across the EU,” Mr Farage said. 

In terms of Northern Ireland, he believed the deal Boris signed was a “pretty dreadful deal.” 

Former Northern Ireland first minister Arlene Foster stated that “more checks in Northern Ireland than if you were coming to the EU from India, it is incredible.” 

“The tone and language used in relation to the Polish judgment last week was incredible,” she remarked. “It was very hectoring, that they must do what they are told, instead of working together to find solutions.” 

“It has been the same case with Northern Ireland, they lecture people who live there.” 

“If the EU know that Lord Frost will not back down, maybe we will see some sense prevail. We need to get it sorted out.” 

According to excerpts of his speech given by his office on Saturday, Lord Frost is scheduled to argue that prolonged discussion is not an option and that London will need to use the Article 16 safeguard mechanism if solutions cannot be reached quickly.

1 thought on “Arlene Foster urges Lord Frost stand strong against the EU regarding changes to the NI Protocol, “We need to get it sorted out.”

  1. The commission have had more than enough time to resolve all of the issues they created. If they wished to resolve hem they would, but they do not wish to. There are a few reasons for this, First, by not resolving the issues it means they keep the single market in NI thus keeping their feet firmly on UK soil and meaning they still have some form of control over UK internal markets. That cannot be allowed to continue. Second, if they resolved the issues they created, it will mean the end of their pathetic and childish program of punishment. There is absolutely no way they are going to do that, they wish for the UK to suffer and fail in the desire for the UK to grovel back and re-join. If that were to happen, then the last person out would need to switch the lights off, the UK will be absolutely finished and they would ensure that it is finished.

    Why would anybody belong to a club where they have no say, where there is no democracy and non-sovereign laws take absolute precedence over sovereign laws?

    The commission will resolve one issue, but pout another in its place. It would be like a forever spinning roundabout, it never stops to allow anybody to get off. The commission are very crafty, they will make every excuse possible so as to point the finger at the UK over this situation, whereas if they had implemented the protocol as written and intended, many of these issues would never have arisen. All of these issues have been created purely and solely for the purpose that the NIP is not all the EU way. They will bend and twist words and the meanings to the absolute breaking point. As we have all witnessed, they will cause friction, threaten and warn, they will disrupt everything, all in their tiny minds to ensure the opponent gives in to their demands.

    The time has come, in fact we are well past the time when either the commission caves completely either renegotiate the NIP or drop it altogether or, the UK invokes Article 16 which will force them to open their eyes and deal with the issues they have created or they drop the NIP completely. I cannot see them dropping the NIP completely as it would mean they lose control, they never ever will lose control of anything. They probably have some pathetic rule for the disposal of an old worn out pencil.

    There lies many of the issues they have created. They have created so many rules for different situations, none of them know which rule applies where. There is no room for a common sense approach to take place. They have so many rules that all contradict each other, none actually apply, so they will make up yet more rules that will never be used again.

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