SOUR Anna Soubry rants about Boris Johnson going to Marbella, ”He is the most notoriously lazy prime minister!”

Boris Johnson was mocked by Remainer Anna Soubry, who derided his plan to “swan off” to Marbella in the midst of many escalating crises in the UK. 

As Ms Soubry launched a scathing condemnation of Mr Johnson, she told Sky News that it was wrong for him to jet off on holiday despite gas shortages and supply chain problems in the UK, but that she was not surprised given his status as “the most notoriously lazy prime minister.” 

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“He hasn’t gone for a couple of days!” a furious Ms Soubry said. 


“Now we know why he was so keen to finish that conference speech that he gave.” 

‘He was thinking” I’ve got to get back, pack my bags and then I’m going off. 

“I’m sorry, he has a whole team of people running the country by and large because he is the most notoriously lazy prime minister!” 

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She went on to criticise Boris for taking a vacation to Marbella in southern Spain, saying, “Oh poor old Boris, he’s tired.” 

As she viciously ripped into Mr Johnson further, the Remainer labelled the idea that the prime minister needs a vacation because he is tired as “for the birds.” 

“He has decided to swan off on his jolly’s and it is not acceptable!” Ms Soubry continued. “The timing couldn’t be worse!” 

“It’s like he doesn’t really care. He has got an 80 [seat] majority and he just thinks everything will be fine! It’s all alright!”

“No policy, no problems!” she ranted. It’s “Going to be great!” 

Boris Johnson hurried out to Marbella with his wife Carrie and son Wilfred following his speech at the Conservative Party Conference on Wednesday, according to reports. 

Mr Johnson’s critics have slammed the decision, while supporters say it is “reasonable” for the Prime Minister to take a break. 

“I believe he has gone away – I’m not sure where he’s gone,” Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng told Times Radio. “But what I would say is I am in regular contact with him.” 

“He’s also had a year-and-a-half in which he’s almost lost his life to COVID, his mother passed away very sadly two or three weeks ago…” 

“And he may have decided to take a short break.” 

Mr. Kwarteng stated that he and the Prime Minister were in “regular WhatsApp contact.” 

Following the House of Commons’ recess for party conventions, MPs are not expected to return to Westminster until October 18th.

3 thoughts on “SOUR Anna Soubry rants about Boris Johnson going to Marbella, ”He is the most notoriously lazy prime minister!”

    1. Again, making wild assumptions. You k now absolutely nothing, you have obviously not the brain power to serve, yet you make real wild accusations on issues you would not know where to start. Take another pill and go back to bed. Hopefully, you next post will make sense and contain some facts. Do not wish to push that point too hard.

  1. What does this demented old hag know about Johnson being a lazy PM, she has never had the pleasure to serve under him and is never likely to. She is another one who is ahas been and should keep her mouth shut and crawl under her rock..

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