Pro-EU activist, Femi Oluwole, labels Boris Johnson “ridiculous” for taking a holiday in Marbella.

Femi Oluwole, a pro-EU activist, fought with former Defence Minister Sir Gerald Howarth, who called the campaigner’s reasons against Boris Johnson’s vacation “ridiculous.”

Sir Gerald Howarth, a former Conservative Party politician, fought with Femi Oluwole, who said Boris Johnson should not go on vacation to Marbella while the country is in trouble. Mr Oluwole suggested that the Prime Minister may stay at Chequers rather than travel abroad, demonstrating “solidarity” with individuals who have recently lost their £20-a-week Universal Credit boost.

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On the other hand, Sir Gerald was unconvinced, noting that Boris Johnson had done a “brilliant” job controlling the epidemic, that there were more than capable ministers who could run things, and that he was only a phone call away for any crises.

Mr Johnson was said to have gone on vacation with his wife Carrie and son Wilfred shortly after the Tory Party conference ended last week.

However, some political experts have accused the Prime Minister of fleeing the country while it suffers from supply chain challenges and rising living costs.

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Mr Oluwole was one such talking head, telling LBC that Mr Johnson was to blame for everything being so difficult.

Sir Gerald was invited to speak, and he spent no time in defending the Prime Minister.

He stated to the station: “I’ve never heard such a ridiculous as this fella has just proposed, that Boris Johnson is responsible for that is happening at the moment is completely absurd.”

“Everybody knows that the most massive hits on the country, which is Covid, which has cost us £400billion of borrowed money to deal with it, that originated in the People’s Republic of China.”

“He has no responsibility for that, and yet he has had to manage it, and I think by common consent he’s managed it absolutely brilliantly by putting in charge, a lady who knew something about this kind of things – Kate Bingham.”

“And she was the one who decided it would be a good idea to invest in not just one vaccine but five vaccines, which ended up working.

“as a result, Britain basically led the world in the recovery.”

Mr Oluwole countered that, while Mr Johnson could not be held responsible for the pandemic’s outbreak in the first place, he could be held accountable for how it was managed in the UK.

Host Camilla Tominey pressed Mr Oluwole on whether he would enable any politician with whom he disagreed to take a vacation. He said he would allow anyone to take time off.

However, he emphasised that the country’s problems were at Mr Johnson’s feet, and the optics were awful when he appeared to be avoiding his responsibilities.

Mr Oluwole advised that the Prime Minister spend his vacation at Chequers, his official country retreat, because it is close by, and he can respond to any emergency without having to fly back.

4 thoughts on “Pro-EU activist, Femi Oluwole, labels Boris Johnson “ridiculous” for taking a holiday in Marbella.

    1. what a totally pathetic post. Do you not think he deserves a break? He probably puts in more work in 8 hours than you do in 48 hours. He has not had a break since before covid, so he deserves a break. What is more, what does it matter where he goes for his break. Personally I would not have gone to any EU country, I would have chosen an independent country. It is their choice, not ours.

  1. Johnson has not had a break from Downing Street for two years. What makes it right for this clown Femi Oluwole or whatever its name is, the right to criticise, all because he probably would not be allowed in Marbella. This clown should stick to what he knows best, making himself look even more stupid and a waster than he already is. He should keep his trap shut and remember, he is a guest in our country and has absolutely no right to criticise the PM.

    Continue to spout the rubbish about the EU, he needs to urgently get the message, WE ARE NOT GOING TO RE-JOIN THE EU NOW OR IN THE FUTURE. He is a prize pillock.

  2. Femi, another gentleman who appears to despise this country, but doesn’t wish to live anywhere else. Odd that. Does he have a job, by the way?

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