CRUNCH TIME – UK goes head to head with EU negotiators, David Frost demands “significant” changes to the NI Protocol or we’re off.

Lord Frost demands “significant” modifications to the Northern Ireland post-Brexit protocol. The UK and EU have been at odds over the Protocol since the Brexit vote. The EU is due to present proposals to address flaws with the Protocol next week.

Lord Frost will use his speech in Lisbon to emphasise that agreements must go far further. He will call on the EU to tackle the fundamental issues at the heart of the protocol head-on.

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The government’s inability to implement the Protocol in a reasonable way has created a ‘deep imbalance’. Lord Frost will present the European Commission with a new legislative text this week in order to offer the “foundation” for a new protocol to support the Good Friday Agreement.


The UK government says it will activate the Northern Ireland safeguard provision in the Brexit deal if the EU’s offer is insufficient.

According to a UK government source, the UK will invoke Article 16 of the Protocol, essentially nullifying elements of the agreement. Lord Frost said the relationship between the UK and the EU was “under strain”.

3 thoughts on “CRUNCH TIME – UK goes head to head with EU negotiators, David Frost demands “significant” changes to the NI Protocol or we’re off.

  1. If the cesspit do not come up with the goods at the first opportunity, then Article 16 of the Protocol must be invoked. The corrupt commission have had more than enough time, they know what is needed but are frightened. I say frightened because by resolving all these issues, it will show the world that none of the issues were real issues, just issues created by the cesspit to continue the punishment programme against the UK, for their own gratification.

    The cesspit and the corrupt commission do not wish to be exposed for what they are around the world. They do not wish to be exposed as the scheming liars and fraudsters they are. We the UK must do everything within our powers to expose the cesspit and the corrupt commission at every opportunity, totally undermining the cesspit as a whole and the management of it. Show the world what they are and assist those countries that decide they are better off outside of the cesspit and they are better off trading freely with the world rather than be shackled.

    Every independent nation must be supported and shown that it is not worth the effort trading with the cesspit as a whole, they are far better off trading under WTO rather than entering into one-sided Trade Agreements that the cesspit will bend to the absolute breaking pint if it is not 100% in the cesspit’s favour.

    Treat the cesspit with the total contempt it deserves. I am aware that the fanatics and the fantasists will not agree with me and they will be splitting absolute venom, all because I wish to see the cesspit fail and fail badly..

  2. Enough is enough. We are a third country and as such are not bound by any EU laws therefore scrap the initiative and be like any other country bordering the EU and if they want a hard border tell them they are welcome to build one…on Irish soil.

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