Alastair Campbell gets shot down by Former Tory MP Edwina Curry after she was labelled a “liar” – You ”used to work for Tony Blair”

A heated dispute erupted when former Labour spin doctor Alastair Campbell and former Conservative MP Edwina Currie began personally criticising each other over their political histories.

Alastair Campbell and Edwina Currie fought over the rising cost of living on LBC. While the UK struggles with supply chain interruptions and energy prices, Ms Currie claims national salaries have increased to compensate. Mr Campbell then accused the PM of being a “lie”, to which Ms Currie responded that he used to work for Tony Blair.

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Mr Campbell was enraged at the Government’s handling of the crisis and couldn’t believe Boris Johnson was on holiday.


“There are people in this country that are really struggling,” he told Ms Currie.

“Cost of living is immense, Edwina, and it’s happening under a Conservative government whilst the prime minister is on holiday.”

Ms Currie supported rising national salaries, whereas Mr Campbell argued rising inflation.

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The former Tory junior minister then attacked Labour, claiming they would allow unvetted immigration if in power.

“This is the latest make it up as you go along excuse to the fact that Brexit is not working,” Mr Campbell said.

“Oh, we’re being accused of pragmatism?”

“You call it pragmatism? I call it lying, I’m afraid.”

“We’ve got a liar as Prime Minister – whatever suits his purposes at the time.”

When Ms Currie told Mr Campbell, he used to work for Tony Blair. He asked what it had to do with the price of “salmonella eggs”.

Mr Campbell was alluding to Ms Currie’s resignation after she stated a large portion of British eggs contained salmonella.

As a result, millions of hens were murdered, cutting many egg producers’ profits in half.

Mr Castle was heard giggling in the background as the two radio guests traded barbs. During the tense confrontation, Ms Currie demanded answers for Iraq.

1 thought on “Alastair Campbell gets shot down by Former Tory MP Edwina Curry after she was labelled a “liar” – You ”used to work for Tony Blair”

  1. Campbell needs to be extremely careful who he calls a liar. There is no bigger liar in the UK than Campbell, unless Bliar is here as well.

    Edwina Currie or the Tory Government never “sexed-up” lies just so as to ensure a war took place, Campbell did, just like everything else he did, 90% of his miserable life so far has been a lie. What will happen, he will call somebody a liar one day and he will end up in court and made to prove his accusation and the sexed-up document of the Weapons of Mass Destruction that never ever existed will be used as evidence to prove he is a liar.

    Campbell thinks he can get away with it by the skin of his teeth like Morgan always did, everything by the skin of the teeth. Campbell has not got the brains to have that reputation. He has not got the brains to cover his tracks by twisting words to mean the same thing. In the end, Morgan came unstuick when he was hit squarely in the face with fact, he did not like it, Campbell is going the same way. For the damage that thing has caused the UK, it is about time he crawled back under his rock and stayed there.

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