Boat suppliers for Channel migrants traced back to China and Turkey.

While the Home Office and intelligence services are doing all they can to disrupt the boat supply networks on the French side of the Channel, It’s been found that China and Turkey have been the main suppliers of the boats which traffickers use to get illegal migrants into Britain. 

According to a Press Association estimate, more than 25,000 people have crossed in dinghies, kayaks and other small boats since the beginning of last year. 

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Backbench Conservative MPs are putting pressure on the government to halt migrants and refugees from crossing the Channel illegally. UK asylum applications dropped to 29,456 last year, compared to 93,475 in France and 121,955 in Germany.

Tory MP Marco Longhi warned against downplaying the intensity of outrage about illegal immigration to the UK. He said: “The arrival of dinghies in Dover is the most visible expression” of us not getting a full grip of the situation. 

They also claim that tiny boat crossings draw more attention since they are such a prominent mode of entry, but the vast majority of migrants arrive in Britain through planes or other modes of transport. 

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3 thoughts on “Boat suppliers for Channel migrants traced back to China and Turkey.

  1. It is suggested that because of the French Government’s absolute hatred of the Uk led but the nose of Macron and his sidekick Beaune, Macron is doing everything possible to assist these illegals to cross the channel. I am sure that if he could send ship loads over here and get away with it, he would. As it is, he will continue to allow these boats and the people traffickers who I strongly suspect they know who they are, to do their bit and swamp the UK with illegals immigrants. The only way of stopping it all is International Pressure is brought to bear on Macron and his idiots and every one of these illegals are sent straight back to where they came from, their country of origin.

    I have always said, if they can afford to come through illegally by paying the traffickers and the French Police, then they can afford to come through the legal route and apply for asylum through the correct channels. The reason the males will not come through the legal route, is because they have already tried and been refused asylum in other safe countries, they have a major stain on their character of which bars them from Europe.

    Whatever happens, the Frogs have got to be forced to deal with the issue, and not with our money. All our money must be totally withdrawn. The blackmail has gone on for long enough.

  2. The suppliers of boats to illegal immigrants has got to the french government. If not why are they not stopping the supply of boats😡

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