French MEP abruptly hangs up mid-interview after a British radio host tells him to “SHUSH” while he slammed France and the EU.

After being questioned about the UK-France fishing issue, French MEP Pierre Karleskind abruptly departed an interview with James Whale on TalkRADIO.

After a tense exchange on fishing and the EU, French MEP Pierre Karleskind stormed out of a TalkRADIO interview with James Whales. The MEP squabbled with the TalkRADIO host on several occasions, correcting Mr Whale on how to pronounce his surname and taking offence at the EU Parliament being referred to as a dictatorship.

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Mr Karleskind chose to leave the interview without responding when Mr Whale went on an enormous rant about the EU and France.


“You are being too Parisian,” Mr Whale told the Frenchman, “so just shush a minute.”

“Listen to what I am going to ask you.”

“If you a really promote yourself like you are at the moment, then the millions watching this are going to think, oh those French flippers.”

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“You know we are really going to have to take account of this because are not showing yourself in a good light.”

“I am just here to tell you that we are not going to have you fishing in our waters anymore,” continued the host,” the host added.

“We are not going to have you turning the electricity off to the Channel Islands that is part of the United Kingdom.”

“We are not going to have you stealing our vaccines, now if the French Government and the politicians in France don’t stop peddling the lies of the European dictatorship, and don’t think they are cleverer than us, then we are going to fall out.”

“And I would hate for us near neighbours to fallout.”

“But if you carry on this way, not too much what you are trying to do in Ireland,” Mr Whale added, “we will have to get tough.”

“And if this Prime Minister doesn’t get tough, you will be voted out and someone who will sort this problem out.”

“We are not going to stay here and let you take the mickey out of us because we have the foresight to leave the dictatorship of the European Parliament.”

“Most people in Europe would like to get away from it.”

“You are not a very democratic organisation,” he said, “and that is why we left.”

“Are you done?” Karleskind inquired after a little pause.

After that, the French MEP chose to disconnect from the TalkRADIO hosts.
Before hanging up, he added sarcastically, “Thank you, good night.”

2 thoughts on “French MEP abruptly hangs up mid-interview after a British radio host tells him to “SHUSH” while he slammed France and the EU.

  1. Obviously the absolute truth has hit home. It has struck the vital chord. Love it and I only wish the fanatics and fantasists would listen and learn instead of peddling the lies of the cesspit and the absolute lies of the French “Little Boys” Brigade. Although that is rather tan insult to the Boys Brigade. The Boys Brigade is a well respected organisation, far more respected than the cesspit. I am just not sure how much lower they can all stoop.

  2. Oh dear, that is the second comment that you have not published. What is the matter, have I struck a Chord with you lot as well by saying we will not tolerate the continuous lies of the cesspit and the fanatics and fantasists? So much for free speech.

    You lot cannot even report facts, facts that you know are the facts. Yet another waste of time and energy.

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