Dublin’s Foreign Affairs Minister goads UK’s Lord Frost, saying article 16 won’t be invoked anytime soon.

Ireland has called Lord Frost’s bluff on invoking a Northern Ireland-specific protection clause in the Brexit deal. 

Simon Coveney, Dublin’s Foreign Affairs Minister, has stated that he does not anticipate the UK government invoking Article 16 anytime soon. 

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On Wednesday, Mr Coveney stated that he did not believe Boris Johnson’s government would pursue the “nuclear option” of triggering Article 16 of the Northern Ireland Protocol. 

Lord Frost explains whats going on with the NI Protocol.

Lord Frost explains whats going on with the NI Protocol.

Mr Coveney’s remarks came as Brexit Minister Lord Frost hinted at action on Northern Ireland’s Brexit deal before Christmas, calling for “short, intensive” discussions with the EU. 

Lord Frost stated that if the UK and the EU are unable to reach an agreement, the UK will contemplate utilising Article 16. 

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The decision would basically rip apart sections of the deal he made with the EU last December to avoid a hard border with Ireland. 

Lord Frost said he would “soon be sending” new legal texts to the EU with ideas to fix the “serious political problem” at the Conservative Party convention in Manchester. 

“I hope that might change over the next couple of weeks or so,” he continued. 

“It does need to be resolved though, one way or another, whether it’s through negotiations or Article 16.” 

Mr Coveney told RTE radio that Lord Frost had been spouting “tough talk” this week, but that he did not expect the UK government to activate Article 16. 

“My understanding is that the British Government is not likely to trigger Article 16 any time soon,” he continued. 

The minister stated that the UK is “committed to an intensive negotiation process for the rest of this month, with the European Commission, who are developing a new package of measures to try to ensure that we can take on board legitimate concerns that have been expressed with the implementation of the protocol.” 

Lord Frost’s comments had been “very carefully” listened to both the Irish Government and the EU, according to Mr Coveney, but he believes the two sides’ conversations will continue. 

“What we’re trying to do here is ensure that it is implemented in as flexible a way as possible to reduce its impact,” he explained. “I wouldn’t read too much into the tough talk at a Conservative Party conference.” 

The treaty effectively retains Northern Ireland in the EU’s single market for goods, but imposes a trade barrier on goods crossing the Irish Sea from the United Kingdom as a result. 

Unionists want Prime Minister Boris Johnson to rip it up, something he has so far refrained from doing while the government pushes for a renegotiation with Brussels. 

DUP leader Sir Jeffrey Donaldson also advocated stern action on the Protocol at a Tory fringe event this week. 

“We simply cannot allow this situation to continue,” he continued. 

“We need to see action taken by the Government within weeks.” 

“We need the Government to set up, and to take action to remove this Irish Sea border, remove the barriers to trade within the United Kingdom, and fundamentally to restore Northern Ireland’s place within the UK internal market,” says the group. 

Article 16 “has its use in the short term” but stressed legislation was needed “to restore Northern Ireland’s place fully within the United Kingdom.”

1 thought on “Dublin’s Foreign Affairs Minister goads UK’s Lord Frost, saying article 16 won’t be invoked anytime soon.

  1. Remember it was this snake and Varadkar that were promised high positions in the cesspit if they toed the cesspit line during the negotiations. The pair of goons done exactly that with absolute distinction. When the pair of goons went grovelling back to Merkel for their promised reward, she effectively kicked the pair between the legs and told them there is no reward and that they are naive.to think there would be. My understanding is, they went away with their tails between their legs and it was this snake Coveney who kept his post, Varadkar was side shifted and had to get his out of date books out again so as to register as a doctor, and not a very good one to my understanding.

    Coveney is a snake, and is well suited to the cesspit. He is another one that will stab anybody in the back to get what he wants. As it stands, if the cesspit do not come up with anything constructive and cease their pathetic childish game of punishment, all because we had the intelligence to get out and tell them to keep their membership, then Boris Johnson will be pushed into a corner and will only have one option, call the cesspit’s bluff, invoke Article 16 of the Protocol and send the nuclear warhead hammering towards the cesspit. You watch all the rats and the snake run and slither away and crawl back under their rocks.

    Article 16 should have been invoked long ago, certainly when the cesspit were ramping up the pressure, or certainly trying to, with the punishment program. As adults and professionals, the UK took it all in its stride. None of those at the cesspit have heard of the Bulldog Spirit. They most certainly will very shortly if they do not come up with the acceptable goods.

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