Brexiteer Kate Hoey stands her ground after remainer columnist tries to insinuate the trade crisis in Northern Ireland is a myth, and EU law makers are not in charge.

On the BBC politics live show, Kate Hoey was the only contributor fighting for Northern Ireland to remain part of the UK without a disruptive border down the Irish Sea.

During the clash interview, Kate pushed away claims made by columnist Matthew Paris where he stated that there is no crisis in Northern Ireland. Matthew continued to say that under the current Protocol deal, NI was not under EU rule of the EU court.

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The Former Labour Brexiteer MP told the columnist that he doesn’t understand what’s going on in Northern Ireland because he doesn’t live in Northern Ireland. Kate continued to say that Lord Frost understands the problems the current deal is causing and its effects on the economy and cohesion.


Kate made the case, saying that only those who say there is no problem in NI want a united Ireland with an aim to detach Northern Ireland from the UK.

In the coming weeks, the EU and UK will meet to thrash out the problems around the deal. According to unionist officials, if the issues are not resolved, the criteria to invoke article 16 of the Protocol have already been met. It would be up to Boris Johnson and his team to trigger the article.

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