Laurence Fox urges all smaller parties to unite and offer the British people a decent political opposition at the next General Election.

In an interview with The Reclaim Party leader Laurence Fox on GB News, Nigel asked if his party was more of an activist party than a political party?

Mr Fox didn’t take long to explain his position when it comes to political parties. He stated that Boris Johnson was someone who wasn’t genuine, and he couldn’t trust him because Boris couldn’t be truthful with his points of view.

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Then he went after Labour leader Keir Starmer stating that he was in the wrong job and was just the same as Boris with his reluctance to give an honest opinion on the day’s matters.


With these remarks, Laurence Fox then stated that he was happy to see Reform UK leader Richard Tice doing so well with his party, but he questioned his party’s voting base’s effectiveness.

Laurence then expressed his idea stating all the smaller parties with a decent voting base should join together in a supergroup and present the British People with a credible political opposition.

The question remains do you agree with Laurence Fox’s idea of a mass merge of smaller parties to present a credible opposition in the next general election?

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