Priti Patel slams Macron, there is “no reason why any asylum seeker should come to the United Kingdom directly from France.”

Priti Patel promised to take tough measures to stop migrants from crossing the English Channel, saying there was “no reason why any asylum seeker should come to the United Kingdom directly from France.”

The Home Secretary committed to keep doing everything she can to stop human trafficking networks from exploiting vulnerable individuals while speaking at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester.

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“With all of this, we will continue to pursue joint solutions to joint problems,” she said, after previously blaming France for not doing enough to stop the crossings.


“France is a safe country, one not riven by war or conflict.”

A record number of migrants crossed the Channel last month, with over 4,000 people making the dangerous trek.

With three months left in the year, more than 17,000 people have completed the crossing in 2021, more than double the figure for the entire year of 2020.

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The United Kingdom has agreed to pay France £54 million to assist in the prevention of attempted crossings of the Dover Strait.

The money will go toward increasing the number of French police officers patrolling beaches and training on how to use drone technology to deter people smugglers.

“What is happening in the Channel with small boats is unsafe, unfair, and unacceptable,” Mr Patel remarked to a crowded room on the conference’s main stage.

“From the vast camps outside Calais of mainly male, economic migrants, to the shocking images of people crammed onto flimsy boats crossing the Channel, exploited by people smugglers.”

“Vile criminals characterised by ruthlessness and greed, who even threaten to drown small children to line their pockets. This cannot continue.”

The Home Secretary stated that she would make “no apology for securing our borders” and that she would do whatever it took to stop the crossings.

Last month, Ms Patel threatened to withhold £54 million in financing from France unless the number of vessels intercepted increased.

1 thought on “Priti Patel slams Macron, there is “no reason why any asylum seeker should come to the United Kingdom directly from France.”

  1. If these illegals are going to be held in Albania whilst being processed, then we can save the £54m that Priti Patel agreed with the French. They only started to get their act together when she threatened to withhold the money then they started the normal process of demanding more, in typical French government style.
    Priti Patel must ensure that if and of the money is paid over to the French, they they are forced, regardless if they like it or not, to abide by the agreement. At the slightest drop of activity by the French complying with the agreement, then the balance is withheld and the contract ripped up. Any illegal making their way across the channel by whatever means, must immediately have all their details checked, fingerprints as well , and immediately returned to France, regardless if the French like it or not and if the illegal likes it or not..
    I have no doubt the French Police know who these criminal gangs are who are making an absolute fortune, but will do nothing about them or even report them if they are doing what the French government and its officials including the police are world renowned for – taking a bung. The world knows that the French government officials can be bought off if the colour of the money is correct.
    The French police or any officials of the governments can ever be trusted.

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