Boris should deliver an ultimatum to Macron, according to Nigel Farage.

As Nigel Farage warns of rising French threats to impose a blockade on British exports and cut electricity to Jersey, Boris Johnson faces a dramatic showdown with Emmanuel Macron.

Boris Johnson was pushed by Nigel Farage to issue an ultimatum to his French colleague. The anchor of GB News claimed that France is to blame for Britain’s troubles with the Northern Ireland Protocol and post-Brexit fishing. Mr Farage warned that Boris is on the verge of a “major clash” with Emmanuel Macron.

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“Because the French and Macron are not just furious about Brexit.”


“They are furious about the AUKUS deal and their 20th-century submarine technology being replaced by our 21st-century technology.”

“But you have the fishing dispute, which is astonishing.”

The former MEP went on to say: “We have allowed 1,700 EU boats into our national waters.”

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“And just because a few boats tried to pull the wool over our eyes by appealing to fish up to the six-mile line, we have the French threatening to blockade British goods.”

“They are threatening to cut off the electricity supply to Jersey.”

“I see the Northern Ireland Protocol as part of a much bigger confrontation we have coming up with France.”

“Will the Prime Minister trigger Article 16 if he thinks British goods will be blocked at the French ports – that’s what it comes down to?”

France retaliated against the United Kingdom earlier this week when Jersey refused to permit 75 French fishing vessels access to its seas beginning October 30.

Paris is also enraged after it was revealed that out of 47 applications, the UK had only offered 12 licences to smaller French fishing boats.

“On every subject, the British are dragging their feet or failing to live up to their commitments,” France’s Maritime Minister Annick Girardin stated.

According to Ms Girardin, Retaliation might include energy supply, educational exchanges, commerce flows, and rail ties.

Mr Macron, according to David Jones, the Tory MP for Clwyd West, should walk carefully.

According to Express, he said: “It’s very regrettable that France, an important European country, should resort to attempting to bully the small island population of Jersey.”

“However, the French should remember what happened the last time they tried that: the Royal Navy was sent in.”

“They should also not forget that boycotts can operate in both directions.”

“The UK is an important market for France, but French wine can easily be replaced by the excellent products of Australia, New Zealand and Chile.”

“French Brie and Camembert can be replaced by our own home-produced cheeses.”

2 thoughts on “Boris should deliver an ultimatum to Macron, according to Nigel Farage.

  1. With immediate effect, really wind the “Little Boys and Girls” of France up like clock springs, rescind all issued fishing licences with immediate effect, ban all EU fishing fleets from UK waters with immediate effect and then introduce an urgent law, never mind what the corrupt civil servants have to say, put in place an urgent law, so that only UK fully owned, registered, operated and crewed vessels can fish in our waters. That will really wind them up, but it resolves the issue once and for all and everybody knows where they stand.
    Let the cesspit take the UK to the kangaroo court over the issue, as we do not recognise the kangaroo court, we have nothing to fear. Also what is on our side is, all of the waters that are classed as UK waters are protected as British under International Law of which far supersedes the laws of the cesspit and I doubt the kangaroo court will understand them. Kick them where it hurts.
    At the same time as this, totally ban all produce from France entering into the UK, regardless what it is. See how the “Little Boys and Girls” of the French parliament and the cesspit take that. Sick and tired of hearing about Macron’s hissy fits and the hissy fits of his brain dead followers, they have got to learn and learn fast, they are entitled to absolutely nothing.

  2. Until we give back as given they will carry on being the ba d neighbours they are.
    Don’t think anything good will ever come from trading with them, good riddance road rubbish !!!

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