Rejoin Europe Protesters in Manchester claim Britain is heading towards a Conservative UKIP “Fascist country”.

Rejoin Europe Protesters in Manchester held a rally on the eve of the Conservative Conference. During the rally, protesters ranted about how leaving the EU has lead the UK into a fascist country lead by a Conservative UKIP mix.

The Protesters vowed to give the Tories no peace for the whole time they attended the Conservatives Conference in Manchester.

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They even described the UK Home Secretary Priti Patel as being a great Stasi officer.


1 thought on “Rejoin Europe Protesters in Manchester claim Britain is heading towards a Conservative UKIP “Fascist country”.

  1. Everything is fascist where these numpties are concerned if it does not suit their narrative. I really wish they would all grow up, accept that we had a democratic referendum, unlike in the cesspit or Southern Ireland, no vote rigging, a straight democratic referendum with an In or out choice. The majority of those people eligible to vote that could be bothered to get off their backsides and vote, clearly coted by a majority to leave the membership of the cesspit. We all know what the narrative of the likes of Adonis and Elton John and even Tony Robinson now, not that any of them care about the plebs, us on the ground floor, they are only interested in their own back pockets.

    The result of the referendum as I have stated, clearly demonstrated that the majority wanted out of the cesspit, all for their own reasons, except those of us with knowledge and experience of the cesspit. All of these numb skulls must accept the democratic choice of the majority and move on. The more they spit their baby’s dummy out and throw n their pathetic tantrums because they cannot get their own way, the more the majority will dig their heels in and crush them at every turn..

    But never mind to all these poor soles, I really do not know what they are going to do when Europe is totally federalised by the German High Command, when nobody and I mean nobody will have a say in anything. Every decision will be made in a closed guarded door in Berlin by the Fourth Reich. All member states will lose everything, they will all become a vassal republic of Germany without any say. What will these numb skulls have to say about it then? Totally brainless, talk about wet behind the ears, all they have is water sloshing about in the void between the ears.

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