Iain Duncan Smith slams Met Police Crime Commissioner Cressida Dick urging her to resign.

According to Iain Duncan Smith, the Metropolitan Police Service needs someone who can be “trusted” to succeed Commissioner Cressida Dick. 

Following the life imprisonment of former police officer Wayne Couzens, the former Tory party leader launched a stinging attack on Cressida Dick, prompting calls for her resignation. Sarah Everard was kidnapped, raped, and murdered by Couzens in March. It comes as the Sunday Mirror reports that Mr Couzens’ Met police colleagues have committed a staggering 26 sex offences since 2016. 

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“I have resisted calls for her resignation simply on the basis that these things don’t always change things in the short term,” he explained. 


“I do think the handling of certain events in London has not been brilliant, such as the Extinction Rebellion protests, which have cost huge amounts of money.”

“And worse, as an outer-borough MP, [the Met] has stripped out the police forces from the outer boroughs putting us in jeopardy – there is lots going on.”

“I think the issues around the recent murders, the female murders and the terrible problems that have come out of that.” 

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“I think the MET has got to have somebody in charge now that understands the dynamic of what they do, how it works best and that people can rely on them to be both forceful where necessary.”

“But also helpful and can be trusted, and I think that is the bit that has got to be resolved,”

“And it may require that she steps down and somebody else is able to take over,” he slammed, “because I think it is time now for a new broom!” 

In the aftermath of the Sarah Everard case, a Tory police commissioner said that women “need to be streetwise.” 

According to North Yorkshire police, fire and crime commissioner Philip Allott, Ms Everard “never should have submitted” to the arrest.

“The Prime Minister and I were outraged by what he said,” Conservative Party Chairman Oliver Dowden told Sky News from the Conservative Party conference in Manchester. “It was completely unacceptable.” 

“I’ve been very explicit in my condemnation, and I know the Prime Minister feels the same way.”

“He did apologise right away, and I believe it was acceptable for him to do so.” 

When asked if Mr Allott would be able to run for the position again, Mr Dowden stated, “I’m not going to pre-empt the selection process.” 

“The Prime Minister and I profoundly disagreed with what he said, it was a stupid thing to have said, and he has rightly apologised for it.”

1 thought on “Iain Duncan Smith slams Met Police Crime Commissioner Cressida Dick urging her to resign.

  1. Dick should never have been appointed in the first place. She was not a serving Police Officer at the time of her appointment, anybody re-joining the police after retirement and over the retirement age, their applications would be rejected and filed in the waste bin. She was seen as a safe pair of hands because she rubbed shoulders with those in the know and had the correct nod in the correct manner and at the correct people, as well as most likely being a senior member of a Lodge, just as all senior police officers are and as are all of the judiciary.

    It has proved that Dick is not a fit and proper person to run the puppet Trumpton yet alone the Met Police. Renown for its corruption, renown for its incompetence from the top down and everything else that goes with it. She must tender her resignation with immediate effect or be told very firmly by one of the corrupt mandarins, you either resign with immediate effect or, you will be ordered by the Home Secretary or the Prime Minister, your resignation is either on my desk within the hour, or you will be dismissed with a huge stain on your record.

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