Give us £53million for French Border Protection, or we cut nighttime patrols along the French coast threatens General Tavart.

If Priti Patel withholds UK funds, the French general in charge of preventing migrants in the Channel has threatened to withdraw his troops. 

General Frantz Tavart made an inflammatory statement, saying that if the Home Secretary follows through on her promise to withdraw UK taxpayer money, he will end evening patrols. 

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General Tavart told the BBC that the gendarmerie is currently conducting nighttime operations to apprehend illegals on the French coast, with 130 regulars and reservists working in the Calais area. “We know the British have threatened to cut their financial support,” he said.

Last month, Miss Patel indicated she would withhold a further £54 million until France halted more migrant boats. 

“The proof of our efficiency is that smugglers are now trying to go from the Belgian coast, even the Somme,” General Tavart remarked. 

“But that dilutes our resources across the territory. It’s like a game of chess where the smugglers always make the first move.”

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Miss Patel agreed to give France an additional £54 million in July. 

“We’ve not given them a penny of the money so far, and France is going to have to get its act together if it wants to see the cash.”

“It’s payment by results, and we’ve not seen those results. The money is conditional.”

Following her comments and the revelation of a UK plan to turn boats around in the English Channel, France’s interior minister, Gerald Darmanin, stated that his country would not support “any practice contrary to maritime law, nor any financial blackmail.” 

Since January, more than 17,000 migrants have crossed the Channel, compared to 8,410 in the entire previous year. 

On Sunday alone, 669 people arrived. 

“The French have stopped many thousands of crossings this year, 12,000 already,” claimed Dan O’Mahoney, the Home Office’s covert Channel threat commander. 

“The French know there is more to do, and so do we.”

“There is no point in our two countries having a public back-and-forth on a financial agreement,” a Home Office spokesman said.

2 thoughts on “Give us £53million for French Border Protection, or we cut nighttime patrols along the French coast threatens General Tavart.

  1. The UK could give the Frogs a billion quid every year and they will still not be satisfied and still will not do what is their legal duty. With Macaroon as the President, he will continue to order the illegal immigrants and bogus asylum seekers to be escorted across the channel. The Frogs are crooks and I hope that Priti Patel totally withdraws the £53m that was agreed. The Frogs as always, will never ever abide by their side of the contract. They are more interested in looking after their own interests and their absolute hatred for the UK. They hate the UK, always have done and always will, because we play by the rules and abide by agreements made, unlike the Frogs and the cesspit who will bend every written word as far as is humanly possible just so as to get out of their commitments,
    Give them absolutely nothing except the return of every last one of the illegal immigrants and bogus asylum seekers and ensure the Frogs abide by the laws relating to these illegals. They are an EU responsibility, not the UK, the EU has to deal with them. As we are no longer members of the cesspit, we can no longer abide by any rulings by the cesspit to take more than we have, all because the corrupt Frog government hate the UK.
    Wait and see what the Frogs do when they are in it up to their ears after Macron has finished. I bet they will come running for our assistance, as they always do. Absolutely no time for any of the cesspit or the governments involved that are too weak to do anything abut the cesspit/.

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