France THREATEN to “show their teeth” if all fishing permits are not granted by Jersey.

Following a tense debate over fishing licences, Jersey fishermen have been threatened with a blockade if they land their catches at French ports.

Normandy fishing authorities have intimated that fishermen from the British Crown Dependency and the United Kingdom will not be allowed to land their catch in vital ports such as Granville, Barneville-Carteret, and Dielette.

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It comes after the UK said that only 12 out of 47 applications for new small French boat licences would be granted, while Jersey approved 64 full and 31 temporary licences while rejecting 75 applications.


Following the refusal to issue all of the fishing permits sought by French boats as part of a post-Brexit access pact, France has announced it will spell out punitive actions within 15 days.

“If there is nothing that changes within a period of 15 days to three weeks, then the professionals will show their teeth,” warned Olivier Leprêtre, President of the regional fisheries committee.

“I’m not going to talk about port blocking, but one thing is certain: British products will be blocked.”

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Earlier this year, raging demonstrations by French trawlers over fishing rights in Jersey erupted, threatening to evolve into a full-blown naval clash.

As French trawlers approached Saint Helier, London dispatched two naval patrol boats to keep an eye on the situation, leading Paris to retaliate.

A three-month extension allowing EU boats to fish in Jersey seas was agreed upon in an effort to defuse tensions.

This is set to expire this week, but vessels will be permitted to operate for another month if Jersey hasn’t issued them a licence.

2 thoughts on “France THREATEN to “show their teeth” if all fishing permits are not granted by Jersey.

  1. If the Frogs want a fight then let them have a fight, but their crap boats will be no more. The alternative, if they fight the agreement they were party to and the dictating that they done to have more greed on their side, then the UK withdraws all licences issued at present and ban every EU fishing vessel from UK waters and implement new laws whereby “any vessel operating in UK Waters must be wholly owned, operated and crewed by British crews” None of this foreign owned vessel manned by foreign crews but being registered in the UK – flag of convenience. Ban the lot, remove all licences and let them sweat it out. Give the Frogs absolutely nothing.

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