MOTORISTS LASH OUT AT ECO PROTESTERS – Insulate Britain block the M4 and M1 this morning.

Insulate Britain, a climate campaigning group, is holding its tenth day of protests in the last three weeks. Around 30 activists, according to the group, have blocked roundabouts at M4 Junction 3 at Heathrow Airport in west London and M1 Junction 1 in Brent Cross in north London. 

In annoyance, drivers stranded in long traffic lines beeped their horns. 

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Eight people were freed from police custody on Thursday after blocking the M25 near Junction 30 in Essex, according to Insulate Britain, while others were arrested earlier this week. 


It has promised to keep up the pressure until the government delivers “a meaningful statement indicating that they will insulate all of Britain’s 29 million leaky homes by 2030.” 

“It’s incomprehensible that the Government is continuing to delay action on home insulation when we urgently need to cut our carbon emissions, eliminate fuel poverty and help hard-working families with their rising energy bills,” the group said in a statement. 

“Added to which industry is crying out for the Government to show some leadership and get behind a national retrofitting strategy. Come on Boris: get on with the job.” 

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Last Monday, the government acquired an injunction, meaning that anyone who blocks the M25 might be declared in contempt of court, with a possible punishment of two years in prison or an unlimited fine. 

Insulate Britain agreed that their recent acts “breach” the injunction. 

Sir Stephen House, the Metropolitan Police’s Deputy Commissioner, told the London Assembly’s Police and Crime Committee on Thursday that he is concerned that police agencies are under so much pressure to clear the protests fast that “officers are putting their lives at risk.” 

“The most recent one I saw had officers running between articulated lorries that were moving on the main carriageway of the M25,” he continued. 

“We cannot be doing that. We cannot put people’s lives at risk. My officers’ lives at risk and indeed the demonstrators’ lives at risk.”

“We have to look out for that first.” 

“But we have been very quick in moving these people and arresting them.” 

“They started off on the slip roads, which is bad enough, but we’ve now moved on to the main carriageways of the M25, which is absolute lunacy,” he continued.

3 thoughts on “MOTORISTS LASH OUT AT ECO PROTESTERS – Insulate Britain block the M4 and M1 this morning.

  1. Plod, the useless CPS again, wasting time, money and effort. The law is there to deal with these scum, it must be used to its absolute potential. Not nick the scum then let them go. Nick them all, herd them all into a Crown Court, fine them the absolute maximum, of which must be at the very minimum £100,000 each to be paid within seven days. Then put them behind bars for 3 years without parole, and while they are inside being fed and watered, make them work 18 hour days and have the privilege of paying for their keep.
    The drivers must start nudging them.

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