BRUSSELS ARE FUMING – UK Government BAN the use of EU, EEA, and Swiss ID cards to enter Britain.

Most EU, EEA, and Swiss residents will need a valid passport to enter the UK as of today (Friday, October 1, 2021), as the government will no longer accept national identity (ID) cards as a travel document. 

These ID cards are among the most commonly abused documents encountered by Border Force agents, with EU, EEA, and Swiss ID cards accounting for over half of all fraudulent documents discovered at the border last year. 

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People attempting to enter the country illegally can readily abuse them, and by refusing to recognise these kinds of identification, the government can prevent organised criminal gangs and illegal migrants from using them to enter the UK illegally.

EU struggle to remove illegal migrants that have entered the bloc from Belarus.

EU struggle to remove illegal migrants that have entered the bloc from Belarus.

With these changes, UK Home Secretary Priti Patel put out a statement saying:

“The UK has a proud history of being open to the world, and Global Britain will continue in that tradition. But we must clamp down on the criminals that seek to enter our country illegally using forged documents.”

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“By ending the use of insecure ID cards we are strengthening our border and delivering on the people’s priority to take back control of our immigration system.”

“We are doing this as part of our New Plan for Immigration, which will be firm on those who seek to abuse the system, and fair on those who play by the rules.”

The UK Government said: “This change fulfils our commitment to take back control of our borders and means EU, EEA and Swiss citizens now follow the same rules for entering the UK as travellers from the rest of the  world.”

“However, the government remains committed to protecting the rights of EU citizens who have made their lives in the UK, and as we agreed when we left the EU, those in the EU Settlement Scheme or with equivalent rights will be able to continue using ID cards until at least 2025.”

The initiative is also a significant step forward in the government’s long-term plan to create a fully computerised border that would provide a more streamlined and seamless customer experience for visitors to the UK. 

Those without a passport are likely to be denied entrance to the UK starting October 1st, though Border Force officers will have discretion in particular situations.

2 thoughts on “BRUSSELS ARE FUMING – UK Government BAN the use of EU, EEA, and Swiss ID cards to enter Britain.

  1. yes thats good there are so manyfake ids to get into this country and the usless goverment arnt even deporting them it makes me sick

  2. Excellent news. I hope and pray that these new laws do really upset the EU, not the people of Europe because the majority have done nothing wrong. But yet again it is the criminals and the criminal gangs that not only the Police in ever country has a moral and legal duty to apprehend and put behind bars, the EU are at fault also because of the way they defend criminality. They defend criminality because the majority of the top officials are criminals. Protecting their own. I also hope that this will also have a huge impact on the illegal immigrants and the gangmasters, the illegals that have absolutely no right under any circumstances to be in the UK. Every foreign criminal should now be sent back to their country of origin. All of these illegal immigrants and bogus asylum seekers must be sent back to France and France warned to do their job or face the consequences. Turn the tables on the likes of Macron and his ilk.

    No valid passport, absolutely no entry into the UK. The airlines and ferry operators must do their bit and check every passenger has a valid passport, if they do not, then they are refused travel. Any operator refusing or failing to do their legal and moral duty should in the first instance face sanctions, the second time they lose their licence to operate.

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