Ben Habib slams the French. They’re attempting to “have its cake and eat it.”

Ben Habib was enraged by France’s post-Brexit fishing complaints and unequal ties with the United Kingdom.

Mr Habib, a former MEP for the Brexit Party, claimed that the UK and France had an unbalanced relationship. In an interview with Julia Hartley-Brewer on TalkRadio, he claimed that France was attempting to “have its cake and eat it.”

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He further stated that France fails to prevent illegal immigrants from entering the UK despite the UK’s contribution.


They then enter UK waters and demand access to the country’s fishing resources, he added.

“What is extraordinary is that we have handed out 1,700 fishing licences to EU member states,” Mr Habib remarked.”

The French have received 44% of those, and they are currently debating only 35 licences.

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“That is what they are upset about.”

Ms Hartley-Brewer added that the French should have been informed of the impending limits. She stated, “To be fair, to those 35 fishermen on the boats, that would be their livelihood.”

“They have been used to fishing there, but the reality is that we knew this was coming.”

One of the main concerns of Brexit was that the British government did not want EU fishermen to fish in all of their seas.

“They knew this was coming. Why is everyone surprised by this?”
Mr Habib said that while hearing concerns from French fishermen was frustrating, the French government was battling hard for their cause.

“We see this from a British perspective, and it is very annoying to listen to their complaints,” Mr Habib responded.

This is the time when they have unrivalled access to our seas.

“If you turn the coin on its head and look at it from their perspective, they are doing a phenomenal job for their own fisherman.”

“They have got their cake, and now they want to eat it,” says the narrator.

They are repeatedly sending that message to the United Kingdom.

“When you look at the relationship between the UK and France on the whole, what we have got here is us paying £54 million a year not to send immigrants to the UK.”

“Then sending illegal immigrants over anyway and then coming to our waters and then helping themselves to our fish.”

“It is perhaps the unbalanced international relationship between two countries.”

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