TV Star, Sir Tony Robinson uses ‘Labour movement for Europe’ to campaign to take the UK back into the EU.

After stating that Boris Johnson’s “chickens are coming home to roost,” TV celebrity Sir Tony Robinson has advocated that Britain rejoin the European Union. 

On the Labour Movement for Europe’s Twitter page, Sir Tony Robinson posted a video imploring pro-European Union Britons to campaign for the UK’s re-entry into the bloc. The TV personality stated: “If you’re anything like I am then you haven’t been arguing the anti-Brexit case nearly as passionately recently as you used to. I think that’s fair enough, it’s partly because of Covid and partly because people were generally fed up with talking about Brexit.”

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“But I think there’s been a seat chance, I think Johnson’s chickens are coming home to roost.”

“There’s less and less food on the supermarket shelves, anyone who has anything to do with catering, the hospitality industry and lots of other industries know its nearly impossible to find enough people to run them.”

“Anything to do with border crossings is a nightmare, we know why that is.”

“It’s time for us to start arguing once again the pro-European vision we have for the future.”

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His remarks came after Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer took on the matter of Brexit, telling Boris Johnson that he must “make Brexit work” with his own three-word motto. 

Sir Keir chose to focus on the Prime Minister’s handling of Brexit rather than the EU leave itself, which was seen as a problematic issue for the former shadow Brexit secretary under Jeremy Corbyn. 

He warned that “the public finances we will inherit will need serious repair work,” saying Labour must “win trust that we will create a strong economy.” 

“The economic inheritance from the Tories will be appalling: A botched Brexit followed by Covid has left a big hole,” he continued. 

“The Government is learning that it is not enough to Get Brexit Done. You need a plan to Make Brexit Work.” 

Sir Keir’s vow, according to a Labour spokesman, is unlikely to result in the Brexit deal being reopened. 

“People can see at the moment that there are elements of the deal that are not working,” the spokesman said when asked if the contract might be modified. “of course we want to be in a situation where we deal with the issues that are outstanding.” 

Sir Keir and Lisa Nandy are planning a tour of European countries to re-establish Labour’s position on Brexit and the EU’s future relationship. 

Shadow foreign secretary Lisa Nandy said that while Brexit was completed, the UK and the EU did not need to have a “needlessly antagonistic relationship,” speaking at a fringe event hosted by the EU Delegation to the UK at Labour’s party conference in Brighton. 

“We think that is a nonsense,” she replied. 

Labour will “seek strong close bilateral relations with our friends and neighbours, particularly starting with Ireland given the challenges that we face on the island of Ireland to ensure that we never again use the Good Friday Agreement as a bargaining chip,” according to Ms Nandy.

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