Near impossible for Labour to win the next General Election. Polling expert, John Curtice explains.

According to SIR John Curtice, Keir Starmer’s Labour Party will struggle to win over Scottish votes, making defeating Boris Johnson difficult. 

survey guru Sir John Curtice observed that Labour would need to poll “neck and neck” with the SNP to regain any substantial seats in Scotland. In response to the Fabian Society’s list of 150 target seats Sir Keir Starmer should strive to win, Anushka Asthana questioned the pollster on Labour’s figures. “The path to power for Labour is jaw-dropping,” said ITV’s political editor.

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“They have to win 123 additional seats, is that even possible? The Fabian have picked 150 seats.”


“It isn’t that cheery if you support the Labour Party. Anas Sarwar said to me earlier this week Scotland was the first red wall to go.”

North of the border, Labour needs to gain 25 seats with huge SNP majorities. The Fabians chose these seats because they are moderately anti-independence, therefore there is hope. 

The election expert Sir John Curtice said Labour would need a miracle to win those 25 seats. 

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For Labour to win all of the Fabian seats, Sir John argued, the SNP would have to be close behind them in the Scotland-wide vote. 

“It has not been in that position since shortly after the 2014 independence referendum.”

1 thought on “Near impossible for Labour to win the next General Election. Polling expert, John Curtice explains.

  1. I would not say “near impossible” for Labour to win the next GE, it is impossible for them to win, even with the wets of the Liberal Demoprats support, they would still come a very poor second even possible third in the running. Take a hard look at the facts, and take a real hard look at Starmer and the waffle he continuously spouts out. None of his waffle makes sense, and that is because he is not damp behind the ears, he is still sopping wet behind the ears politically Look how he became an MP, on Bliar’s instructions, the sitting candidate was elbowed aside for Starmer, Starmer was coincidentally elected to be an MP, or was he? I pose that question because nobody knew anything about him, he had never held any political position, he had absolutely no knowledge of politics, he just had his sights set on 10 Downing Street and nobody that stood in his way would get a look in. It is still unsure if there any vote rigging going on. I would certainly not put it past either Bliar or Starmer and I most certainly would not put anything past Campbell.
    Since then, yet again Bliar intervened and instructed Starmer must be promoted to a Front Bench spokesperson, yet alone he did not have a clue what he was supposed to be as a spokesperson, it was hastily arranged that he was the spokesperson against Brexit. Look at the total mess he made of that, and it cost the Party votes, because they were going against the democratic wishes of the electorate.

    He was and still is a total and utter failure as is his trademark. Labour have absolutely no chance of winning power locally or nationally.

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